So you're looking for a new large screen phone and you're not sure if you should get the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or the S7 Edge. One of them has a stylus that you can use to write, draw, and navigate all over the screen, and the other one does not. But they both have a really beautiful curved screen design, a great camera, and a fast processor. There are some little differences here and there, like the new screen is very slightly bigger, it's battery is a little smaller, and the curves look a little different. But don't get [UNKNOWN] by all that stuff. Instead, you should focus on these three important things. First one is the stylus. If you don't think you're ever going to use the S pen, just go ahead and get the Edge. But maybe you're not sure if you would use it or not So let me tell you how I use it. I like it for taking all kinds of notes. Meeting notes, to do lists, places I should go the next time I'm on vacation somewhere. I like how navigating keeps the screen fingerprint free and gives my thumbs a break from all that scrolling and tapping that I usually do. I also share a ton of photos, and the Note here lets me mark them up before I send them to my friends. The second point is price. We know Note S7 cost more than a S7 Edge but it has also doubled the storage. It has 64 GB compared to 32. That means you can keep twice as many photos, videos and games on the phone before you need any extra memory card. Finally there's battery life. The Note 7's battery's a little smaller and it didn't last quite as long in our test. That's important if you wanna eke out every minute of battery life. But you can juice up both phones wirelessly if you have the wireless charging pad, or you can use the wall charger. Either way, expect to charge your phone at least once a day. So the bottom line is, get the Note 7 if you like the pen, you want a lot of built-in storage, and you're feeling flush with cash. Otherwise, the Galaxy S7 Edge, or maybe even another phone will be just right for you. [MUSIC]