When you're out dining at a restaurant and got beautiful meaning friend you you might be tempted to take a photo of it and uploaded in server. But there's a lot more to consider than just applying a filter. I'm Sharon vaknin at -- Faire in San Francisco with a few tips on how to take spectacular. Weird about. Lighting can make or break a great -- but I -- it can make your salad and look even better than it pays. -- -- can -- -- food look something had to drag and so look spot in the restaurant it's soft natural life. They don't really bring out foods natural texture and color. First time in your dining in a dimly lit restaurant do you not use your flash not only. And no way all of -- patrons around you but it's the fastest way to make her look. -- unappetizing. Instead -- use what's around you. -- another restaurant is pretty well lit but if it was darker I think this candle closer to my place. And -- -- polite -- -- and move this stuff out of the way. And hold your phone is very still as it takes about ago. Also if your phone has HD arm out now is -- time to enable it. -- your lighting -- that it's time to start thinking about composition. Most of us will naturally but the food in the center of the frame but you'll get a much more compelling photo if you put it off to the side and crop out some of the place. Patent. And then move it around it's always good to take as many photos. As possible so you have lots to choose -- Check out these your photos the one on the right is the one -- one -- Personally I really like me over -- all. It lets you see everything on the plate because it just looks really -- same rules apply here cute -- -- her hand. -- out some of the place. That's beautiful. But it getting out of your seat in the middle or restaurant makes you feel kinda weird that three quarter angle is the -- -- So those are the big -- but here are few extra tips for really good looking through it. First -- always shoot the picture as soon as the food comes out of the kitchen when it's still hot and it looks really rash. You can also create a cool looking photo by putting a bit of it on your fork like this. So does -- the camera and one hand. And get some effectiveness on your fork and then bring it closer to the -- So that that's in focus and everything the background is out of focus. Now's also a good time to you that focus and exposure lock option on your phone. Just tap and hold set the focus. Now what -- got a few photos -- I blank I wanna upload them to -- Easter but first. I like to apply -- filter using an app called BS CO camp. So I'll just add a filter. Give it a final polish. And now it's ready for uploading. Now -- the -- for the likes to come in and let everybody be jealous of my fabulous. If you have any questions or tips of your -- don't hit me up on Twitter and check out how to dot cnet.com for the written version of these steps. For CNET I'm Sharon vaknin.