[MUSIC] Got a minute? Here are some easy ways to post panoramas, 360 degree photos and videos, straight to Instagram. Instagram now lets you share multiple photos in one post. An app like Swipeable for iOS lets you choose a panorama or 360 degree photo from your camera roll. Then it automatically divides that image into multiple square photos. Upload them to Instagram in one post, apply filters as normal, and you now have a slidable panorama. Pangram or Instapan for iOS and Instapanorama for Android Turn images into scrolling videos, ready for Instagram. It costs a few dollars to unlock paid versions that remove the watermarks. Roll World for iOS turns photos and videos into a format known as a tiny planet or a little planet. Choose animation transitions and adjust the playback speed, then export the video to Instagram. In San Fransisco, I'm Lexy Savvides, CNet.com for CBS News. [MUSIC]