You can see the mountains from the distance. Evan Felix is enjoying the view of the San Francisco bay. It might not seem like a big deal except that Evan is legally blind. I actually have a big blind spot that takes that 98 percent of my vision field and so I see shapes and shadows on the outside. I can't read And I can't see distances. When I was seven years old, I was hit by a car. And it took about a year for them to realize that I had something called Stargardt's, which is a juvenile form of macular degeneration. It's got like a leaf on the inside of it. That is so cool. Instagram later. A special video headset from E side let them all see everything from a close up cookie fortune to a coffee menu on the wall to a distant bridge. If on cookies for the E side headset so we could see what is that thing. To be able to travel on my own. I can't believe that I can get to an airport, go through customers, go through security, find my seat, and be able to do that all by myself. I don't have to have somebody holding my hand. What it does is it uses a video camera to capture what's going on in front of someone in real time. Allows the user to control how that video is processed, and then through a series of advance optics and very high resolutions display. It presents that video image to the user in such a way that it overcomes in many cases, the cause of their vision loss, and it allows them to see very well again. [UNKNOWN] tried eSight several years ago. I remember putting them on and looking up And I saw my husband, who I've had been married to for eight years and I've never seen before. And my two month old son, who we'd just brought home from the hospital. The company's latest headset called Insite 3 is $10,000. It's lighter and sleeker than the previous 2 version. The batteries can last up to eight, nine hours a day. It has 21 and a half megapixel image sensor. It has wi-fi it has bluetooth. With this controller Yvonne can adjust the image so it looks good to her. Magnifying or making the thing brighter is all at her fingertips. If we look at cross all comers like we Regardless of the cause of the vision loss, it seems to work for almost four out of every five people. For Yvonne, the [UNKNOWN] has given her the freedom to go about her every day life, including walking and reading to her kids without relying on others. I I can golf with them, I've gone zip lining, but I do play basketball with my kids. The only two cases that esight is not recommended is for driving and swimming. I love when people come up and ask me what I'm wearing because it's a door opener. It allows me to talk about movision and that there are solutions. Today's oysters. [MUSIC]