Motorola is back and better than ever. The Moto Z2 Play is a great mid-priced phone that's better than Google Now, Siri, and Amazon Alexa in one very specific way. Show me the camera. When you want to launch an app, or see the weather, or your calendar, you just say show me. Show me the weather. Okay, so Show Me is limited to app for now and it doesn't always work perfectly. But when it does, it saves you some breath and time launching those apps. Motorola is on the right track with this and yes you can still use Google Now and Google Assistant on this the Z 2 Play. The phone has all of the rest of Motorola's trick too like using the home button for one touch navigation. And twisting the phone to open the camera. You get the idea. All of that is only part of what makes the Z2 play compelling. It also have a really nice 5.5 inch screen, a very decent 12 megapixel camera. And a really long lasting battery. It's splash resistant, and has room for expandable storage, too. And as a Moto Z phone, the Z2 play also works with every Moto mod you can buy, like a battery pack, a wireless charger shell, [MUSIC] and JBL's new sound boost speaker. The Z2 play doesn't have every premium convenience, like the fastest processor, or the best front-facing camera. And it feels a little too wide and slim without a style shell on. But even without any moto mods, the phone still makes Android nougat taste good for a lot less than the Galaxy S8. [BLANK_AUDIO]