Eddie, talked about the fantastic new ways to interact with Apple tv. And with touch, I can just swipe across my apps. Can swipe up to top movies, and notice the 3D effect on the artwork as I move around. The movie poster follows the movement of my thumb on the remote. And with SIri, it's easy to find exactly what I want to watch. Show that Modern Family episode with Edward Norton. [BLANK_AUDIO] Siri takes me right to the Modern Family page with the episode I was looking for already selected. Skip ahead seven minutes [MUSIC] The year was 1991. American was immersed And, for those times when I just missed what was said. What did she say? Two, three, four. Siri will spit back 15 seconds and temporarily turn on the captions. [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] Careful. Okay, back on the home screen. Siri is also really great in helping me find something to watch, even when I'm not sure what it is. Show me some action movies. Okay, this looks good. I really liked Skyfall. How about a Bond film? The James Bond one. Mm, I'm in the mood for a classic. Just the ones with Sean Connery. [APPLAUSE] With Siri I can easily filter my search based on cast, director, date, even age group. [SOUND]