[MUSIC] Notice that Cortana's come into Outlook and scheduled some appointments for me. It's the blue with the circle. The idea there is Cortana's now in Outlook and she's looking at my email and my calendar with my permission and helping me get things done, stay on top of things. A good example. This week I was exchanging a bunch of email with our Microsoft Travel Service, trying to figure out the best time to get home on Friday. Cortana was able to understand that conversation about me, doing anything. I didn't create an appointment. She automatically, put all that flight information on my calender to make it really easy for me to track. She applies the same conversational intelligence to help me stay on top of commitments and email. I get a ton of email, which makes it easy for me to forget things I said I would do. So here [UNKNOWN] has flagged something that I set out to send my manager today. I was actually gonna get ahead of this on the plane, but the siren song of that on flight entertainment system got me again. No problem, [UNKNOWN] is there are she know the last time I made an update, she knows where the document is. I can ask her to go take care of this for me [SOUND] Send Chuck the Powerpoint that I worked on last night. [BLANK_AUDIO] Sure thing. I found this Powerpoint document. Is this it? And I can go ahead and get that sent. Since Cortana's not bound to specific devices. [APPLAUSE] Thank you. Thank you. Now since Cortana's not bound to a specific device, she helps me keep track of notifications that are happening right here on my Android phone while i'm doing work on my PC. So, here I've got a notification of a text message that came in from my friend Ben. He's here in the Bay Area. I can go ahead and respond right here from my PC. Cortana knows that I'm talking about meeting with Ben. She offers to add this to my calendar. And then she tells me you got a couple of other things there. Can I help you move these? Let's see Ben or some work-related stuff. I choose Ben. And what she did there is appointments from noon on Wednesday automatically shift to the free block of time I had there on Thursday.