I am a talking chicken. This is an emoji which is an animated new feature in the iPhone ten. It's using facial tracking and muscles to be able to make me into an animated chicken. I can move my head and do all things like that. Now I can also pick other emoji. Like a unicorn! My kid's gonna like this one. And also, everybody's favorite, the poop emoji. This is going to add AR features that are going to map your face, and enable all sorts of weird digital puppetry. Angry panda, angry panda. Sad pig, just So it really can map my facial muscles as I move around. Then there's puppy. They're all adorable. There's no talking taco, though, unfortunately. Who knows what I'll look like when I talk to you next time. I'm here at the Apple event as poop, or a fox, or an alien. Or whatever else I want to be. iPhone 10 launches November 3rd along with Animoji and other features using the true depth front-facing camera.