[SOUND] Samsung's got robots. I mean, they always have concept robots, but this year one of them might actually come to market. We're taking a look at all of Samsung CES robots, right [MUSIC] Up first, the Samsung bot handy. Yes, that's actually what it's called. It's a cylindrical looking bot that has a robot arm. It has 3D mapping technology built in. And the idea is that it can wander the. Floors of your kitchen or your living room and actually be able to pick up objects, it will know the size and weight and shape of the object. So if it's a Light dish it won't pick it up with a ton of force in Lincoln across the room, which is handy and not what you want when picking up a light dish. So it's a robot Butler. It'll be able to help you unload your dishwasher or pick up the toys if your kids made a mess, and it's kind of the Rosie the robot. I'm looking for. It's still a concept. It's a cool concept and it will be able to change its height. The cylinder can go up and down the robot arm looks like it has a decent amount of reach and the footage looks pretty polished So I have my fingers crossed that it actually happens. One robot that actually will happen is the jet bot 90 AI plus lots of words there. What it means is that it's a robot vacuum with a security camera on top, LIDAR 3D mapping all sorts of fancy tech, not as exciting as a robot Butler but actually coming to market this year. And finally, Samsung showed off the Bot Care, which is sort of an all encompassing robot assistant that will follow you around, respond to your voice commands, it looks like it has kind of a personality It has LED lights on the front to make different expressions. It also has sort of a tablet thing that will extend via this pivoting arm so it can log you into a. Video call. So a useful robot helper. But if I have to pick one, I want the robot bot handy the most, because I want that robot Butler to help pick up after me. Regardless, I'm hoping we see one of these cool concepts. And in the meantime, at least we have the robot vacuum, which will kind of be able to pick up after me. So that's something for much more from CES, stay tuned to cnet.