Samsung's global Smartphone maybe closer to finally launching. Some analysts are now saying that it could be ready by early next year and the latest buzz. Is that this folder and found is gonna cost twice as much as other top phones. Prepare to dish out more than 18100 dollars for our galaxy bound and pulled up. All these are from analysts' speculation as first reported I think it's. One firm golden bridge investment says that this folding phone is gonna have a screen sizes seven point three inches when it's okay. And before half inches shots. Also their report says that Samsung me have the prototype ready in time to show this January at CES. Sony and I've vulnerable to the site has been tinkering with flexible screens for years. The company made this concept video of the phone's screen and just folds flat in your pocket. And there's a patent and Samsung has for a phone that folds up like a wallet but what is more likely. It's something from this other Samsung patent reissued on this two side by I screens and change them unfolds like a book. Some refer to this project as Samsung galaxy X. Samsung would not be the first make a phone at full of like a book Chinese companies need to eat he now with ax and in 2017. And it's got this big old ugly bar down the center when it's open. Act Samsung will find a way to me is seeing less distracting. What's your take up all these mark on what I need to do for you to spend more on. Growing up an agent that found that fifty somethings about sent. But assemble your thoughts in the comments I'm Bridget Carey and you can dive deeper into the Samsung rumors at