In a world of filtered photos, Samsung wants to offer you a more authentic way to date. And all you've gotta do is open up your fridge. Welcome to Refrigerdating, an app from Samsung that works with the Family Hub Refrigerator to take a picture of the inside of your fridge and match you with your forever dinner date. You swipe left or right depending on how strongly you feel about kale. They say you are what you eat, so what do the contents of your fridge say about you? Maybe you're health conscious, or aren't home much Or is that an open can of cat food? [SOUND] If you have a family hub refrigerator you can use the fridge's built in camera. If you don't have a family hub refrigerator you can just take and upload a picture with your phone. And the Samsung family hub refrigerator is a touch screen smart fridge tht also has cameras inside, along with that big touchs screen on the door. It debuted a couple of years ago for about $4000 which is Is very expensive, and people were a little slow to adopt it. The price has come down, still, Samsung's trying to find a way to get people interested in it and to market it. So I'm not surprised to see them try a refrigerator dating kinda gimmick to get people at least talking about it. Refrigerator dating launched in January worldwide It's free and available for your web browser, so it'll work with any phone. Samsung didn't disclose numbers of how many people are using it, but they say people are signing up. So the next time you go to your fridge, you could be filling your stomach and your heart. [MUSIC] [SOUND] [MUSIC] It's organic.