Meet the Samsung Galaxy 360, round 2. Instead of the big old eyeball from last year that you couldn't stick in your pocket. The 2017 model is much smaller and designed with a handle so you can always use it handheld. The batteries built in this time around but it lasts longer. Recording up to 1 hours and 2K resolution, two of my [UNKNOWN] e card the handle can be used as a stand with some help from a rubber ring on the hand strap. But there's also a tripod mount in the bottom. Like last time Samsung squeezed in a small brakes display up front so you can change settings but you can also use your Galaxy S six, seven or eight phone and the mobile app to do that And see live preview from the camera and you'll also be able to live stream in full HD to YouTube, Facebook, and Samsung VR. To cap it all off, Samsung has decided to support iOS so there's an app for that too. So you can now use the camera with an iPhone 6s, 7, and 8 And Mac desktop software for editing. Samsung expects the camera to roll out in late April or May and while there is no pricing, Samsung says it will be cheaper than the original.