Hey, we're here talking about the Samsung sero. TV, which is a portrait mode TV, but it does look a little special. It turns. So it also is a standard landscape mode TV. This is aimed at Gen Z and millennials who are running their content off of their mobile device. Let's take a closer look. [MUSIC] The Samsung Sero TV is a 43-inch QLED 4K TV, and it's aimed to people who use their phones to power most of the video content that they watch. But instead of just having to watch it on their phone or tablet, they've a 43-inch TV to watch it on. And since 40% of all videos are now in portrait mode, especially because of things like Instagram, Snapchat, Tick Tock. That's why this TV makes a lot of sense for users who want to look at their content on a much bigger and better screen. So you're going to see some interesting things. From this TV for that millennial and Gen Z crowd. Another interesting thing about the TV is it takes some lessons from the Samsung Frame TV and the Serif TV, it has an ambient mode. Where you can look at other things on the TV when you're not using it on the screen, the screen becomes a piece of art. Essentially you can have photos on there, you can have a calendar, there's even some little videos with different things Kinds of scenes a window scene with some books, a fireplace scene, all kinds of options that you have with this. There's even a little thing you can put in the corner that shows the time, that shows the temperature outside the weather, those kinds of things. Not only supports galaxy devices which you can just tap to the side of the TV, it also supports Apple airplay to devices. So you can use iPhones to work with this as well. This product is already available in Korea and it's coming to the US In the second half of 2020. All right for continuous coverage of CES 2020 subscribing and see that YouTube channel. Thanks for watching. [MUSIC]