Now, we are beginning a new chapter of our long-term commitment to improve productivity and eliminate the gap between mobile devices and the PC. To tell you more, pease join me In welcoming Microsoft's CEO, Satya Nadelia. [APPLAUSE] Thank you so much. Yes, sir. Thank you. Thank you so much. [SOUND] [APPLAUSE] Thank you so much DJ. So awesome to be here at your launch event. Microsoft and Sand Song have had a long history of innovation across everything that we do. Hardware, software, and services. And today what we announced, what Supper showed you marks the next stage of this partenship. And more broadly a profound shift in how we interact with the many devices in our lives. For years applications have been built and purpose built for single devices whether is the phone, the PC or the Tv or even your watch. But either world of 5G cloud and AI, we get to rethink it all and reimagine it. We believe in a future that'll be multi-device and multi-sense, every experience will be multi-device and multi-sense, a world where the interaction model We have the computing no longer just starts with the device but starts with the people. It includes all the devices in our lives and together with Samsung we're making this a reality. Our ambition is to help people. Be productive on any device anywhere. From calls and text messages to emails and photos. We're making these everyday experiences, great. The interactions across all the devices seamless. As you saw today. Now you can instantly sync your photos across all of the devices. You can edit, annotate anywhere. Keep your most personal information secure and right at your fingertips. Access text messages and make and take calls from your PC. And you can do it using any input, voice, pen, touch and more. Microsoft's mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. At any moment, we want within your arm's reach the greatest of experiences wherever you are And the combination of Microsoft's intelligent experiences and Samsung's powerful innovative new devices like the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Book S make this possible. This is just a start. And there is a much more to do and much more to come and we are very, very excited about this partnership. And back to you DJ, [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]