Samsung is recalling millions of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones worldwide due to reports of batteries catching fire. The phone has been on sale globally for two weeks, but multiple owners of the phone have posted photos and video online of phones that melted from batteries that caught fire. Samsung says it received 35 separate reports of what it is calling a battery cell issue. Samsung announced it is halting sales and offering to replace customer phones in the coming weeks. More than 2.5 million Note 7's have been made, but there are no instructions yet on how owners can get their phone replaced. The timing could not be worse for Samsung. It was supposed to be basking in the glory of its new gear Smart watch revealed a few days ago, but instead it's handling an embarrassing global recall, right as Apple is excited to unveil new iPhones on Wednesday. That's it for this Tech News update. I'm Brusa Carry, and you can stay on top of the biggest stories at