Really close to me. It really feels like they are there. It actually feels like I'm swimming with dolphins when I first tried mixed-reality. That's Microsoft's term for blending the digital and physical worlds. But it's more like VR because you're walking through a virtual space that's essentially the Windows desktop. Things you'd normally do in Windows, like launching apps or typing on a keyboard work in this environment called the Cliff House. But you will need a special headset like this Samsung [UNKNOWN] Based on Microsoft's reference design it has inside out positional tracking. So you don't need to set up sensors or cameras around the room. I ran through a few demos wearing the headset including Halo [UNKNOWN] and a game called Luna. the [UNKNOWN] screens make the whole experience really vivid. The Odyssey also has a wide 110-degree field of view, EKG headphones, and microphones. The controllers are comfortable to hold, and there's a Windows button, so you can get back to the cliff house instantly. But does it have enough to compete with Oculus and HTC Vive? Microsoft thinks so, because it's plug and play. So you're up and running within minutes. [UNKNOWN]. Mixed reality is coming to Windows 10 with a full create update on October 17th. The Odyssey will be $499, with controllers. Which is a little bit more than other mixed reality headsets, made by brands like HP and Lenovo. Whoa, I think that deflected. [MUSIC]