Here's some advice, if you're thinking of getting into the laptop business, take at least one product in your line up and call the Pro model. Apple has got the Macbook Pro as well as the iPad Pro, Microsoft has the Surface Pro and Samsung has the higher end version of its excellent Notebook 9 Series. Called the Notebook 9 Pro. What makes it pro? Well it's got a dark slate like color which makes it seem more serious and professional but more importantly, it includes extras like a stylus and a graphics card that other mid size laptops lack. The stylus has great implementation, mostly because it slots right into the body of the laptop Pull it out and it launches a little pop up window for pen app. This is the same passive style as found in other Samsung devices like phones and tablets. It's not as advanced as the Apple Pencil or Microsoft Pen, but for note taking and sketching, I liked it, and you never have to worry about whether it's charged up or has batteries. Of course using a stylus on a laptop screen is a bit mit or miss. So I'm pleased that this has a full 360 degree hinge, folding back into a tablet shape. the basic AMD graphics aren't going to make this a gaming machine, but it can be useful for artist and photographers and video editors. And it doesn't seem to add a lot to the very reasonable overall price. My two biggest complaints. The speakers fire downward causing audio to get kinda lost. And the power button is on the side, which means you guessed it, whenever I try to flip it into tablet mode, I'd accidentally hit the power button and put the whole system to sleep. [MUSIC]