Samsung has a whole lot of new looks for their laptops here at ces 2019. They've taken som existing brands and given them makeovers and they have a very interesting new brand with a new look as well. There's the notebook 9 pen, just announced before ces That takes a lot of its design cues from the Samsung Galaxy phones. It has the blue chassy and it's got the mini S-pen that slides into a port right on the front of it. More interesting, perhaps, is the Notebook 9 Pro, which has a brand new look. It has contrasting black keys against silver now. And has a more premium look and feel than last year's model, which had great specs. And [UNKNOWN] had a little bit of a plasticky budget look, this new version looks a lot nicer. It works with a Samsung stylus, but there's no where to store the stylus on the system itself. Now I think much more interesting than both of those is actually the Samsung Flash. It's a new budget laptop, something Samsung is not known for. And it's got a very Almost industrial deconstructed look with a textured keyboard tray that will come in a bunch of different colors, we only got to see gray, and rounded keys and it runs an Intel Celeron processor. Should cost about $350. 50 dollars, and I think that at least from the look side it's very lasting. If you're looking for a budget laptop it doesn't look like Black Friday door buster holiday special that's all made of plastic that you're not going to like six weeks later. The Samsung Flash should be available later in January and it's certainly and interesting new look at budget laptops.