[MUSIC] There's a new Samsung Gear smart watch in town, and this is a big one. Meet the Gear S3. Does it look like a big, bold, luxury sports watch? That's the idea. Building on the same concept as last year's clever round Gear S2 watch and its rotating bezel. That bezel acts like a giant scroll wheel. It dials up apps and widgets and now it can answer calls too. The Gear S3 is considerably larger than the S2 though. It's a 46 millimeter watch, which even felt big on my hairy wrist. On a thinner wrist it looks pretty, pretty large. The bezel is bigger, the case is bigger. That's because it does more, there's a larger 380 milliamp battery promising up to a day more batter life. GPS now comes standard and all S3s can make speaker phone calls. The LTE equipped S3 Frontier can work without a phone and use hirer speed data connections. Samsung [UNKNOWN] comes included. But this time there's also NFC, Samsung's way of making payments at nearly any credit card terminal, not just Tap to Pay. It should work at more places than Apple Pay or Android Pay. And the S3 has improved water resistant and shock and dust resistance, and a more scratch protective Gorilla glass Screen. The S3's got some music chops too. It connects with Spotify to stream over wi-fi or LGE and there are a few new apps like Nest for thermostat control and ADP Personal Security for a triple-tap SOS call from your wrist. Mostly, the Gear S3 and its two designs, Classic and Frontier Are meant to be bigger, bolder additions to the line. The S2 will still remain on sale which might be Samsung's way of saying, if you don't like big, sporty watches, choose something else instead.