These days taking care of my health has become really important. So it's nice to know that the Samsung health monitor on the Galaxy watch three acts as my 24 hour health manager. We're bringing new tools to help regularly monitor your health, including ways to track blood pressure, ECG and blood oxygen saturation. Here, let me show you how this works. You just have to go to your blood pressure, hit measure, and then stand really still. [MUSIC] And that's it. Simple, right? To ensure accuracy, you should check your blood pressure with a traditional cuff and calibrate it at least once a month with the Samsung health monitor app. Measuring your ECG is really easy too. So again, you go back, open your app, And then you just lightly tap your finger on this button right here for just 30 seconds. That's it, and you're done. Keeping a log of things like your blood pressure and ECG is helpful. It creates a baseline for you so you have more information and notice when things feel slightly off now The watch is not a medical device, by any means, right? But having these records right on your wrist and in your phone is incredibly helpful in monitoring your health. In Korea, blood pressure is already available today and ECG will be coming real soon for both the Watch3 Watch active two. We're working to expand both features to more countries and devices. The Galaxy watch three will also let you check your blood oxygen level. So we go to blood oxygen measure, [BLANK_AUDIO] And that's it. Again, easy, it's a new addition to the overall health management options that give you just more control over your well being. We launched Our sleep monitoring feature six years ago, and we've been building on it ever since. It scores the overall quality of your sleep and gives you personalized recommendations so you can sleep better. [BLANK_AUDIO] The new watch three also is great as a fitness buddy. I love to run just for fun. So I'm really excited to show you what it can do. So I will go to the running app here. Here we go. Just tap, three, two One. Let's go for a little run. [MUSIC] So the finish line here. [MUSIC] All right, and we're done. So I'll hit pause. Finish. And you can actually see all of my results of that very short run, right here. Pretty neat, right? The watch three gives me real time feedback, tracking my pace and form based on my run. You can also set goals for yourself and see how far you ran. It definitely keeps me motivated and on my toes, especially when I'm running on my own and losing a little steam, and quite frankly, I don't wanna have to carry my phone, but I still really wanna listen to my music. Now, I can do that with just my watch and my pods. And there's a whole ecosystem of experiences when you pair it with your Samsung Smart TV. Let's check it out. So I'll set up my phone. We go One moment, please. And there you see it right on the screen. Watch three actually becomes a part of your personal training just like this. So I will go to my fitness program and Gao starting there so let's get started Shall we? As I'm doing my squats here It's really easy. All I have to do is just tap my watch to pause, here we go, and then replay or even I can send a quick little reply to my friend's text all without losing my rhythm. The Samsung Health app offers 120 professionally designed fitness programs so you won't ever run out of exercises or get bored. Now, I'm gonna let you enjoy the rest of unpacked and I'll be right here. Finishing out my workout.