[MUSIC] There's no other tablet quite like the Samsung Galaxy View. It's 18.4 inches big. It's design features a built-in handle that doubles as a stand. And its home page looks more Roku than Android. However, it is a fully functional tablet. You can use the built-in stand to You can sit it upright and watch TV. Or you can lay it down at an angle to surf the web, crank out some emails, or play games. The handle makes it easy to carry around the house. So if you were using it in the kitchen, moving it to the living room is no big deal I like the idea of the built in stand. It's very useful, but it isn't adjustable and it's plastic build feels flimsy. The Samsung Galaxy View starts at $600 and for that amount of money you can almost buy two 40" [UNKNOWN] tv's. Basically, you're paying a premium for the Android functionality and the tablet's portability. It's hard to recommend at that price, but otherwise, I can see the View as a great option for college students or anyone living in a small place. For more details, check out the full review. For CNET, I'm Xiomara Blanco and this has been a first look at the Samsung Galaxy View.