[MUSIC] My, my, Samsung Galaxy, you have changed. A year ago you had a flat screen and a physical home button with a fingerprint reader. Now as the Galaxy S8 you have a screen that curves on both sides, no physical home button And it fingerprint reader on the back. You're also taller, narrower and manage to have a larger screen than even that ill fated Galaxy Note 7. And your super size sibling known as the S8 Plus provides a whopping 6.2 inches of screen. On top of that your light and easy to use Even with one hand, you are looking good. I don't mind the fact that you traded your home button for an onscreen control, it maximizes the screen real estate and I can still launch Google Assistant and my recent apps. I also like this refreshed look you've got going on, and that current version of Android 7.1, but can we talk about that fingerprint scanner for a minute? It is far too close to the camera lens, which means smudged City. I've also got a little bone to pick with Bixby, your new digital assistant. It's cool that it can work with the phone settings, surface cards, a lot like Google Now, and even identify text in objects through the camera. But, it's going to be limited at first, and not every demo worked when I tried it. Of course, you are running pre-final software, and [UNKNOWN] updating all the time but it sure did leave a bad taste. Now, about your camera? Pressing the power button twice to launch it worked really well, and there's some new ways to interact with camera tools. Like, zooming in and out, snapping a pic, and decorating my friend. I also did the selfie cam's ability to auto-focus It will be useful for a large group shot, but I did notice that you're sticking with your 112 megapixel lens when some fans were hoping for more. Luckily you're also keeping that water resistant body and wireless charging capability plus [UNKNOWN] faster face unlocking. A way to control smart home appliances and the ability to turn it into a work station through the new Samsung dex stock. Plus a few other tidbits here and there. I've got to say [UNKNOWN] your new design looks really elegant. The competition is furious and [UNKNOWN] feels incomplete. We'll just have to see how you perform once you launch for real.