Speaker 1: The Galaxy experience has always been fueled by our commitment to deliver innovation and technology to help you do more each day. The power of Ultra comes from our best hardware working hand in hand with our most innovative software. I think you'll agree The Galaxy S 23 Ultra is as iconic and striking is ever. And this year the Galaxies 23 and S 23 plus take cues from this groundbreaking design creating a cohesive look and feel [00:00:30] across the series. From design to power to intelligence, the elements of ultra come together in our best camera. Yet Speaker 2: With super H G R, you can capture a wider range of light and dark tones in your videos with more accurate colors. The cameras combined readings from both low and high ISO to produce high quality images with a wider 12 bit dynamic range. Spectrum of colors, thanks to the 1.5 times increase in full well [00:01:00] capacity, which increases the maximum amount of charge that each pixel can hold before saturation. Allowing us to bring 4K Super HD R technology at 60 frames per second to both the rear and front cameras for the very first time. With this model's processor, you can now film an eight K at 30 frames per second with a wider angle for a more cinematic feel. We've also enhanced the camera to absorb 2.5 times more light than before giving [00:01:30] you brighter footage. The Galaxy S 23 Ultra packs 200 million pixels in the main wide camera. Speaker 2: These pixels transform based on lighting conditions with our new adaptive pixel sensor. When lighting is low, 16 pixels combine into one larger pixel to capture more light, resulting in brighter photos. In standard lighting conditions. The pixels combined into groups of four. Through our new tetra squaring process [00:02:00] resulting in higher quality 50 megapixel images, we've made it easier to autofocus with Super quad pixel, which uses each of the 200 million pixels to easily bring your subject into sharp focus by using four adjacent pixels to detect differences from left to right and top to bottom, it allows the camera to faster because it has more points of reference to bring the shots they envisioned to life. Pro [00:02:30] video mode gave our directors the ability to meticulously change their camera settings for focus, white balance ISO and more. And with clean preview, they were able to remove the UX when monitoring takes, which means they could frame every shot with ease. This is a new feature added to camera assistant, our app that allows you to choose and adjust a range of camera settings from activating faster shutter [00:03:00] to auto lens switching. With gif remaster, I can sharpen each frame to enhance the quality of gifs that somebody else created. Speaker 2: You can also take videos and photos that are out of this world. Astro Hyperlapse allows everyday users to capture the starry night sky with professional quality and with expert. Raw users can [00:03:30] get detailed metadata for more creative control to help you easily take photos that would usually require an elaborate setup. We're also introducing multiple exposures and aspho to expert raw Speaker 3: Optical image stabilization or ooi S is a technology that helps increase the steadiness of your footage. It adjusts the lens in the opposite direction of motion. Detectable filming on the Galaxy S 23 ultra, we've [00:04:00] doubled OIS S'S capabilities to increase the area in which motion can be offset. This OISS Hardware works alongside adaptive V D I S to analyze and subdivide your movements and to recognize light conditions around you. Improve software and ai further strengthen the low light video experience. A dedicated new image processing algorithm separates noise and details by performing multi frame [00:04:30] processing with ai, which combines multiple images across frames to reduce noise. A Galaxy S 23 series uses an enhanced solution to reduce over exposure and color saturation in your videos with our improved night solution. The image sensors on the Galaxy S 23 Series work to minimize visual noise. And an AI powered is P algorithm enhances object details and color tone. And for portraits, [00:05:00] AI stereo depth map is able to detect individual objects. It can even separate a person's glasses from the background of your photo, so the details of your portrait are crisp and clear. Before, I never really got asked to share my photos, but now with the Galaxy S 23 series, everyone always wants me to share photos with Speaker 2: Them. Speaker 3: Take a look. That's the AI at work when we're taking a group shot. The [00:05:30] AI Object Aware engine recognizes different objects like our hair and clothes and separates them from the background. Then it enhances the details of each object for clear photos and videos. Meanwhile, the camera's dual pixel technology improves auto focus so you can see the depth and detail more accurately and depending on the mood you want to convey in your selfies. We've added color tone, which lets you choose from natural or warm [00:06:00] tone, and that's just the beginning of the Epic camera experience that Galaxy S 23 series provides. With NI topography, your gallery will be full of shareworthy photos and videos that truly capture your favorite memories in vivid Speaker 1: Color. TS 23 and S 23 plus bring you a 50 megapixel wide camera and the Galaxy S 23 Ultra provides our highest resolution. With a 200 megapixel camera powered by revolutionary [00:06:30] image sensor, you can enjoy a groundbreaking professional camera experience and take advantage of everything from super HDR to our AI camera. And that's across the entire Galaxy S 23 series. Speaker 4: The Galaxy S 23 Series has powerful battery while maintaining the smartphone's compact form. The Galaxy S 23 and S 23 plus have 3,900 milliamps and 4,700 milliamps respectively. [00:07:00] And for the S 23 Ultra, we've maintained the 5,000 milliamp battery without increasing the devices size even with the larger camera. We've improved the cooling system on a Galaxy S 23 series so your smartphone can regulate its temperature while maintaining powerful performance. The Vapor Chamber is central to this process and is now larger than before, so you can game Austria music and videos for even longer. [00:07:30] As part of our commitment to open innovation, we've worked closely with our partners at Qualcomm to optimize the Galaxy experience with the brand new Snap Dragon eight, gen two for Galaxy. It's the most powerful and efficient platform ever in a Galaxy smartphone, and it's the fastest snap dragon ever. Capturing stunning photos in Lowlight requires trillions of calculations per second, and we've [00:08:00] optimized our highly efficient M P U architecture that balances performance and power by about 49%. Using an AI algorithm to help you take epic photos and videos. And this year the most significant improvement is the optimized G P U, which is approximately 41% faster and designed for power users. The GPU architecture has been enhanced for performance and efficiency. Speaker 1: With NI a high-res camera and [00:08:30] powerful performance, the Galaxy S 23 Series delivers our most advanced mobile experience. Yet Galaxy S 23 series will be available for pre-order starting today. Pricing starts at $799 with the S 23 plus at $999 and the S 23 ULTRA at $1,199. The S 22 will be available in the US starting at $699. Speaker 5: With one ui, you [00:09:00] can truly make your smartphone your own by selecting up to 15 photos and videos of your favorite memories for your lock screen. Every part of the lock screen can be customized so it looks and feels how you want it too. Smart suggestions helps you personalize your experience even further by recommending apps and actions when you'd usually use them. Like when you put in your buds. Two pro smart suggestions will remember that you usually listen to Spotify and pull up [00:09:30] a custom playlist. Privacy and security are essential when it comes to your connected experience and there's no privacy without security. Speaker 1: We're bringing the power of Ultra to our PCs. Introducing the Galaxy Book three Ultra. Speaker 6: This is a stunning Galaxy Book three ultra right here. It has a sleek premium design with a full glass display, a [00:10:00] slim bezzle, and a much wider touch padd. And even though it's thin, it has multiple ports, so you don't need to carry around a US BH hub. See Book three Ultra is equipped with the latest 13th gen Intel core processor. You can choose from the core I seven or I nine, and it's powerful H Series CPU can support up to 45 watts for high performance. Combine that with the Nvidia RTX 40 70 laptop gpu, and you have the strongest [00:10:30] CPU and GPU in the Galaxy Book series. There are also two new pro models, the Galaxy Book three Pro 360 for those who want the benefits of a tablet and a PC in one and the Galaxy Book three Pro for everyday performance. I'm super excited that the pro and ultra lineups bring our impressive dynamic Amela two X displays to our PCs for the very first time ever. Speaker 1: You can also pre-order the Galaxy Book three Pro series today [00:11:00] with a 16 inch book three Pro starting at $1,249. And the book three Pro 360 starting at $1,399 or pre-order the Galaxy Book three Ultra on February 14th, starting at $2,199.