[MUSIC] Wal-Mart introduced a new test store in Dallas called Sam's Club Now, which does away with cashiers, instead letting you scan and go using your phone. It's kind of like Amazon Go, which now has six stores, so maybe we're gonna get rid of cashiers altogether. Not really sure, every single time One of these new types of stores gets introduced though. It's always interesting to me that the company is belabor the point. They're like hey, we're not gonna have cashiers. But don't worry, it's not just gonna be robots. We're gonna move people around to different places. It's still gonna have as many employees as previously. Yeah, it should definitely be interesting. I would have loved to use something like this at Costco. There's no Sam's Club around where I live or anything like that. But I think it adds a lot of convenience ot things. But at the same time, I would agree that costack is for cashiers Dude, literally, every single time I go to Costco, there is a line of 300 people. Yeah, yeah, so I don't go that much. So that would really be a value to having that type of situation. And maybe we'll see. If Walmart's getting into it, Amazon's getting into it, maybe we'll see a lot more Of this kind of thing in the future. If you want to read more about these stories, check us out on c|net. I'm Ben Fox Rubin. I'm Alfred Ng. Thanks for listening. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]