[MUSIC] For the past few years, foldable phones and tablets have usually been presented as concept devices. Something that will come in the far off future. But Royale, a small startup based in Fremont, California is ready to sell its foldable phone for real this time. Time. The device is called the Royal FlexPai, and you can preorder a developer's edition that will ship out in December. The phone features a bendable 7.8 inch [UNKNOWN] screen that's made out of flexible plastic and has a 1440 pixel resolution. The phone bends in half, as if you're closing a book. You can leave it bent and propped up, or close it all together with an embedded magnet. Whichever way you choose the screen adjusts to the different orientations and viewing options. The Flex Pi runs an OS called water by the way and it's layered on top of Google Android 9.0. Other specs include a 2.8 GHz octa core snapdragon chip set, expandable memory, and a 3.8 ampere hour battery. [MUSIC] For your camera needs the phone has two cameras on the back including a 16 megapixel wide angle camera and a 20 megapixel telephoto camera. It also has a fingerprint scanner and dual sim capabilities. Unfortunately the flex pie doesn't have a headphone jack. The Royole FlexPai is definitely unique but it's likely that you'll see more phones like this soon. Tech giants like Samsung and LG are heavily rumored to develop flexible phones on their own, and these devices could debut as soon as the beginning of next year. Until they do, however, it looks like this small Royole company, and it's Flex Pai phone beat them to the punch to deliver the first foldable phone. If you're interested in the developer model, the FlexPai starts at around $1300 for 128 gigs of storage, and about $1400 for 256 gigs. [MUSIC]