On today's show we deep dive into large scale 3D printing, individual custom 3D printing your clothes, and heading to the VR zone, [UNKNOWN] has going on in Japan. Then we throw our own lasso of truth around one of the Internet's wonder women. Rileah Vanderbilt stops by and talks to us about being a super hero. We're also not sure if you knew this but they're now giving away collage scholarships for e-sports. Man. We're gonna be discussing that too, Tomorrow Daily! [MUSIC] Greetings, citizens of the internet. Welcome. Welcome to Tomorrow Daily. The best D talk show in the universe. I'm Ashley Esqueda. And I'm Jeff Cannata. Guess what we did today. We bought something that we don't know what it is yet. We bought something we're not gonna get for two years and that we've never seen before. We're, is this dumb? Are we dumb? Well, yeah, it's a little dumb. But, you know what, we are enthusiasts, so I think That reserving a model three is a step forward into the future, even though we're gonna have to wait for the actual future to get it. Yeah, Ashley and I both stood in line at Tesla and threw down our hard earned dollars to reserve Made it rain For a car that we don't know what it is until later on tonight. Maybe by the time you're watching this, you already know whether that was fortune or folly on that part. And please yell at the screen right now and tell us if it was worth it or not. The good news is, you can always cancel your preorder. It's refundable, yeah. So that's why I did it. I figured- If I hate it- I can always get my money back. give me my money back and I'll find something else. All right. Are you ready to talk about some headlines. [MUSIC] [SOUND] For our first story this week, it was Project Escher. Yeah. So Autodesk over on Monday, we talked about Autodesk making this insane array of 3D that could print items at very large scale, all at once. Yeah, the idea here is divide and conquer, right? Split up the job and have multiple 3D printers printing at the same time. And then you create large sections of a big thing that then be put together to make the big thing and not have to print it all in one long session. Right, and so this is really exciting. And a lot of people, I gotta say you guys. You had some really good feedback on this. So yeah, Project Escher. You can see there's all these different 3D printers that are working together, and they all work in a giant array. They have a neural network, that they all talk to each other. The job gets split up into slices. So if you imagine a 3D model and then you slice it up, just like bread. Yeah. And then each 3D printer handles that place and at the end it is one cohesive piece. It's not like, I gotta put all this together. It's awesome. Or you can have it make separate pieces [INAUDIBLE]. Yeah, look at that, you can see the color coded sections that each printer is divvied up. Right. And. The way I imagine this is basically the assembly line of the future. Instead of assembling anything, it literally is fabricating it. It's a fabrication line. Right, which is pretty cool. I think this is a huge deal for Future, and also rapid prototyping. I mean, this is the thing that a lot companies have a lot of trouble with is rapid prototyping at the scale, really difficult. And so when you have something like this, like Project Esher, companies are gonna be able to rapid prototype these really large ideas and things and put them into testing a lot quicker and a lot easier. And I think that's the thing that really makes it so important, which is really Really fun. Yeah, and the trick here, the real special part, is the thing I kinda didn't understand when we first talked about it this week, is it's seamless, right? The magic is in handing off the job between multiple printers, but making everything seamless. Making one piece, right? Right. And I think ultimately as this stuff gets better and better and it reduces the time that it takes to print large things, it's just going to become the obvious choice. Right. To use this technology to make something because it'll be Be quicker, it'll be more efficient, it'll be easier to do because you won't have to have an assembly line, you just make the thing. You just make the thing. And so you guys have some really good user feedback on this, like I mentioned, Scrappy DP Said how about we do something like print shelter with the shelterless with that 3D printing array? That is Great idea. Pretty cool. And if you think about it, if you have a 3D printing array, and you have say a wall You can print them much faster. I believe it is 80 to 90%quicker than a standard, I believe the blade they were printing, they said this is like 90% faster. Right. From what we would normally be able to print this at. The question there would be of course what are the costs Production, if you can lower the cost to point where the raw materials, the raw plastics or whatever you're printing are inexpensive enough. You could really use this for a lot of good in the world. Yeah. And I think that's pretty cool. And also I mean if you think about biodegradable material, like you could really get into biodegradable Filling. You could really, really make a difference in terms of eco-friendly housing, eco-friendly prototyping, eco-friendly. I mean, these are things that don't have to be trashed. Right. If they say this doesn't work. Then okay, well. We'll just melt it all down and start all over. Which is pretty cool- And the question here, too, is, as we'll begin to see over time Will the fact that things aren't made of multiple parts mean that they'll last longer? Or less time. That's the question, right? The downside of that is if one bit breaks the whole thing is broken. Right. Good point. But maybe because there are less moving parts and fewer things to be incorrectly put together. Right. Then maybe that's the thing. Maybe they'll last longer. But I don't know. It remains to be seen. It's a whole new world. I just saw that architecture is moving this direction and that adhesives are more powerful now than actually bolting something together. Glues, we've gotten to the point where glues Are more powerful than actual nuts n'bolts. I can't wait to glue my fingers together. [LAUGH] Well, you've been nut n'bolting your fingers together a lot. That's true, yeah. I really have. It's not the same, it's not the same. It's not as good anymore. And then Chuck wrote really quick For other things too, like home manufacturing. So I think a lot of you guys really thought big on this one and went for housing, which is a brilliant idea. So, okay. So from large scale 3D printing to individual 3D printing, let's talk about the petals dress. This is a kinematics petal dress from Nervous System. Look how beautiful that is. It is really stunning, and I have to say I talked to them a little bit after we published our episode a couple of days ago, and said you know I just wish it was a little bit cheaper. I want to wear one, is that what you said? [LAUGH] Yeah I want one really badly, I wish I could afford it because they start at $6,000 which is, you know. I just spent all my money on a Tesla. [LAUGH] I don't have anymore money for this. But, yeah, I really love this idea of designed by you to fit your body and style. And so, I wanna explain a little bit about the website, cuz this is the really cool thing. So, when you go through this website, you set up exactly what you look like, what your body looks like and then you go into the dress design And as you adjust the dress, make it literally customized the way you want it, neck line, shoulders, skirt style, like the whole thing. You can also adjust the structure of the actual 3d printing pieces And as you design to your, it will literally design to your body, to make the best fit possible. And also to move correctly. [CROSSTALK] To properly [CROSSTALK] How you would want to move. Exactly right. And sol there's different type of Connectors of these red petals that look like they are actual flower petals. And then there are other ones that are triangles, there are bunch of different shapes. But yeah, this I thought was the really cool thing about this and talking about. Future fashion and how so many things like just imaging going onto Amazon and saying I want a new dress for this wedding I'm going to. I'm a guest at a wedding. Well, I'm just going to design my dress and it's going to be custom fit and it's going to come to me in six weeks and I'm going to wear it. And, it's ging to be great. Pretty cool. And I'll have it in not even six weeks. It looks like this dress would be loud. Yeah it does seem like it would be a little loud. Clickity clackity. Clickity clackity. Not in the way that bright colors are loud [LAUGH] Like when you see somebody in a sequins dress and you can hear it kind of flowing as they walk. Yeah. So it's sort of similar to Concept? I want very badly to have you be able to test drive one of these things. Let me tell you, there is nothing I would like more than to wear 3D printed clothes all the time. [LAUGH] Like I'm super into this idea as a futuristic fashion thing. I think it will open the doors. To structures and silhouettes that we've never seen before and that were not previously possible. We've seen a little bit of that. And also, when you combine 3D printing with technology like LED and battery. I mean, really the sky is the limit. It's an endless ocean of possibility in terms of fashion. And that makes me really excited because I love fashion. Well, That means that I will never see you again. You literally would just be constantly designing. Just always designing my clothes. Where's Ashley? Well, she's designing her- I gotta design my shirt for the show today. [LAUGH] Every day, I have to sit down for an hour and design the clothes that I wanna wear. Talk about a rabbit hole that you would go down. That would be a certain rabbit hole that I would never come out of. It would be an abyss, so very hard to get out of. But But, SpikeTiger makes a very interesting point. He wrote in and said, #heyTD, hope your body shape never changes for that $6,000 garment! Perhaps the multi 3D printer- Right. Could make a shirt and pants. [LAUGH] That's a great point. Great point. You can't gain or lose any weight ever. Once you buy a $6,000 dress, boy, you better find somebody with those exact measurements if you ever want to resell Sell it. Yeah, but I mean people buy clothes now that are very expensive and the same thing applies. I mean it's more precise I'm guessing but Sample size, yeah. He has a good point. That's why I don't spend six grand on any clothes. But I think over time Overtime, I think it'll come down in price and it'll be really affordable and again this whole idea like design a clause and then send it to Forever 21 or whatever. Right. Or where do you shop for clothes? I don't know. The Internet Like the Old Navy. Like you send yourself to the GAP or whatever. And then it prints for you and you go pick it up. That's, I think, the thing. Alright, so last thing and then we'll take a break and come back with Rileah. Let's talk about VR zone because we need this in our lives. 100% we need this in our lives. We talk about the possibilities of VR and I think this is an example of a company trying to explore that. We talk about it As ways to be more empathetic, we talked about ways to face your own fears, we talked about all these psychological effects that VR can have and here is an example of it in action. I love this idea of giving people an opportunity. And this is the thing that is my favorite part about this VR zone is that They're adding these real life elements to make it feel as real and immersive as possible. So you will actually be on a little board a few inches above the ground as you're rescuing this cat on a plank which And they put a little cat. They put a real cat there, you gotta grab the cat. So they have live, which is pretty cool. Yeah, that the view. And I [NOISE] No thank you. Well at JDC I did the walk, which is based on the film of the guy A petite walking between the twin towers in the 70s. And so they built a VR version of that moment and smartly, they put an extension cord on the ground, so your feet feel what it's like to sort of be on rope. Be on cable, ooh. And those little bits of tactile sensation go such a long way in selling the feel. >. It's true. It's so true. It's like going to 4D movies. Like when people go, that was really neat. Like I watched Pirates 4D out here. It's like I got splashed in the face with water when the pirate showed up. [LAUGH] Totally. Like, cool. And who would've thought the company responsible for Dragonball Z would be at the forefront. Yeah, wow, banned by Naamco. I was It's not the company that I was expecting do that. I mean, I don't. It's cool. Yeah, and I mean we have stuff like this coming up, that is about to open that I'm sure we'll be covering quite a bit on tomorrow and I also just seen that in general. The VR Rollercoaster? The void. The void, yeah. So the void, we have this VR sort of Location. Location based environmental VR experiences where they have these games that you're going to be able to play with other people and stuff That's cool, and then like you said, we have VR roller coasters, I mean you're really going to see VR now that its commercial integrated so far into what we do, I think about the other day, so we used to have LAN cafe, for all you young children watching the show who are under the age of 30. Yeah. You probably don't remember what a Land Cafe is but or if you live in another part of the world, they might still be around. Land Cafes I used to go in high school and play Diablo II with my best friends. One, all the time at this Land Cafe that was local and you pay for your time whatever and then there's like snacks and stuff. I think that it's still big in Korea right I think so. >I think there's still places in the world where internet cafes are still sort of a big thing. But I think the next big thing is VR cafes, where you're going to go and you do things like this. Where you rent a little room and you have your cool VR experiences or whatever. >It's Dave and Busters, right? Yeah. >It's that idea of going and having an experience that you can't have At home, I think that's going to be huge and we were joking today, [LAUGH] I was talking to somebody about stuff like this, and we were joking about how, it'll be somebody's job at those places to just be, like I'm Gary, I'm Your force feedback. Yeah. And so you're in the VR and he's just like touching you at the right moments. [LAUGH] Exactly. You know, when you lean against a table he has to hurriedly like run over there, hold you up [LAUGH]. Hold a piece of wood under you to make it seem like you. That would be wow, what a great Look we're creating jobs of virtual reality. There you go. You guys had some interesting things to say about VR, but not specifically VR Zone. Kyle wrote in and said, "I don't know why Jeff you haven't gotten Oculus yet, I have mine, maybe they don't want people at CNET to review it." Wow Kyle. Thanks for rubbing it in. Everyday I'm clicking refresh on my emails waiting to find out when my pre-order shipped. He's really upset about it. There's a thing on Reddit. Somebody created a way, I did this last night by the way. Of course you did. You go into Chrome and you can like edit the webpage of your order Find out the exact minute that you have pre ordered, your pre order went through. And then extrapolate it. Yeah, and they have this massive graph on redid of all the people that have done that and when their pre orders are, it's lame. That's what redits good for. Why is [INAUDIBLE] giving us that info, why are they not more transparent about that. I don't know. Just tell us. It will make the waiting easier if I know okay well I'm a month away or a week away or whatever, just be- Just say- Be communicative. Here's a shipping window. You little, you have my money, what is it? That they do. I threw my money at Tesla, I threw my money on, I don't. I shouldn't be paid for things. You're throwing your money all over the place. I'm not gonna even feed myself at this point, I'm just gonna be waiting for things to arrive. Do you have any money left to feed yourself? No! Of course I don't. You're gonna have to eat that Oculus when it shows up. All right. We're gonna take a quick break and find some more stuff for Jeff to throw his money at. [LAUGH] And when we come back we're gonna talk to member of Team Unicorn A wonder woman from the Internet who is as good as any I would argue. Indeed. As good as the best of them. Cream of the crop Rileah Vanderbilt will be with us, so don't click away, it's Tomorrow Daily. [MUSIC] Welcome back to the show, everybody. Our guest today is a very delightful lady. She has played Wonder Woman in the Rainfall Films short film. She is a member of Team Unicorn. She also has a science show that she created, she's gonna tell us all about, right? Lea Vanderbilt, thanks for being here. Thank you guys for having me. I'm so glad that you decided that Come swing by our studio. I've been trying to get, you're busy. Well, yes, have like 12 different jobs. So it's hard to get out of the office. I don't really have an office. I mean I go places and do things. The office is always with you. Yeah, my heart here. This is my office. It's in your heart, it's been in your heart. So let's talk about, lets just get this right out of the gate. Let's talk about Comic-Con HQ. Yeah. because this is a really big deal. Yes. And you are executive producing. Have created a science show. Yup. That is going to be on Comic-Con HQ. Yeah. It's So Comic-Con International decided to team up with Lions Gate and create kind of a subscription-based video on demand channel. And that's kinda the way that all our entertainment Entertainment is going these days. Sure. So, they're kinda jumping on that bandwagon. But hopefully doing it before a lot of people do it, and better. But, we're really excited. All the content is really curated for the Comic Con crowd. And it's really exciting for me because as a lover of science, they were super enthusiastic about the idea that I had, and they're like, let's make a show. And so I'm making a show. Can you tell us what the idea is? So, I love science- Mm-hm. And everybody loves science, I mean, you should love science. Right. If you're watching this show, you should definitely love science. I hope so. I mean, because there's science fiction in everything. I mean, this is the way when we're kids, you know, we wanna discover things, we wanna find out about things, how things work And I've always loved that. But, I noticed over the last couple of years that there has been kind of a void when it comes to current scientific news. We have a news show for sports, politics, entertainment, but we have nothing actually discussing current scientific discoveries and anything in [UNKNOWN], and [UNKNOWN] is science, technology Engineering and math. Right. So for me I was like, well this kind of seems weird why we don't have a saying yet. Science is all around us, it's what makes the world work. And it's very interesting. So I was like why don't we do a science show that is based off of current science, discoveries and stuff that people don't Necessarily know what's happening, and kind of put that in the spotlight. I love it Yeah, we love it. Explaining sort of the cutting edge of science, you know, what we're discovering now, And what it means, like giving context of like, and making it very It seems like you guys really want to make this content. Not unlike what we do here on [UNKNOWN] Very edible for people, very understandable and have fun while doing it. There's some great science shows out there. You know, you have How the Universe Works or Through the Wormhole. Great show. Which I love that show but that show is on a level. That even sometimes I can't understand some of the concepts that they have. I am just like a- And withstand their some really big concepts, like the science can be an extremely overwhelming thing. It can be. I mean there is a lot that's involved in it. So we definitely want to kind of make science school, which is already a school, but we kinda want a Bring that up and yeah, and get people really interested in science again. That's good. And what better way to do that than with somebody who's played the Wonder Woman. That's very true. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Tell us about that experience. Well that's experience was kind of the best. My mom will tell you since when I a little girl Wonder Woman was always my favorite, and I keep saying one day I'll be Wonder Woman, so it's actually haven't happen even though it was. Couple of years ago now. It was pretty surreal, I guess. I saw you mention online that someone actually commented about it a few days ago. They were like I saw that one a couple of years ago and it really was better. Yeah. That was really funny. With the new movie coming out, and Batman There is a Wonder Woman cameo with Gal Gadot. I was overhearing two nerds talking about the movie and talking Wonder Woman and how cool it was. They said well, that's pretty good but There is this thing online a couple of years ago and I was like my gosh this is so crazy. That's when you have to go it was me. No, I was thinking about that. Sorry, guys. But you know, I was like this is a secret identity moment. That's true. Yeah. So, I was like- So now you have the full Wonder Woman experience. Yeah. Not just Wonder Woman, you've also got the Prince experience. Right, yeah. The Diana Prince experience where you can hear what people's thoughts on you were. It was a little odd. It was a little weird. That's never happened to me before, but it was so much fun that And just how motivated I was to work out because when I heard I got it I was just like. When are we shooting this? And they are like, 12 weeks. I was like, so I have 10 or 11 weeks to actually get into shape and. Get to the montage. And that's exactly what happened. You're rocking montage here, get those stairs. Yeah, I did a, I actually did a [UNKNOWN] during that time so it Keep me accountable. Sure. I think I was working out like six days a week, doing cardio for five of those days and just weight training and eating just like right foods,getting rid of sugar and salt and drinking tons of water and So you went through a little bit of what the actors in these new superhero movies do because they really sacrifice their bodies for these films. The new superhero diet. All you gotta do, step one, get cast as a superhero. Yep. Step two, do the diet. Yeah [CROSSTALK] I feel like they have a Hard, obviously they're going through the work. But they also have- They have a team. A team, they have a nutritionist and they have how many workout buddies and trainers. And also a lot of pressure and millions of dollars riding on them, which would Terrify me into eating whatever someone told me to eat. [LAUGH]. Like I just feel like I will, just tell me what to do. Just give it to me. Just like I don't want to mess up. Yeah. That's me. I mean as long as you send it to me and it's there and I just put it in the microwave or the oven- Good. I'll just eat whatever you put in front of me. I don't know, man. I was reading about Hugh Jackman's routine for Wolverine and he like You have to eat every two hours?>>>Yeah. Have to.>>>And they wake him up to eat.>>>Yeah.>>>It's crazy town.>>>So Rock too, there was a guy on Reddit who did the rock diet and he went through it for a month. But he lost a lot of weight and he did a really good job and the Rock actually acknowledged him on Social Media. He was like great job guy. Good>>>Yeah, and I actually on my phone and it is still set there even though I haven't like actually done it but I have Six meals a day plus snack, so and my phone will ding when I am supposed to eat, so like 7 a.m. first meal, 9 a.m. second meal, 11 o'clock third meal-- I'd do that it'd be like donut [LAUGH] And then Cheetos. I know it's all, the content of the meals is a problem for us. And then the exercising part too, we have to work off all those calories. I don't see that's why necessary, I don't see why that's a necessary thing. [LAUGH] One of the other things that you do that I think is really cool, we were talking about fashion earlier. But Team Unicorn, you guys do a bunch of different Stuff. Yeah. You guys had a music video, you had an All About That Bass. We had a couple music videos actually. We started, Team Unicorn started as a parody geek girl band like the Spice Girls. And we just thought we were gonna do, we did Geeking Gamer Girls like Katy Perry's California Girls. And we thought it would just be a one off, you know, whatever, just having fun. And then it actually- And it blew up. Yeah, it turned into something. And this was back in the day where, I mean this was six years ago. So the Geek Girl thing, I mean even though it shouldn't have been a thing, it was a thing still. So- Sure. People really responded to it. And yeah, we were just like, well, I guess we have something special, we should continue to go on with it. So we've done Three music videos and then some straight up parodies of other things, too. But then you guys are also moving into stuff like clothing design. Yeah. For those of you who are not following Riley on Instagram. First of all, go do that. And secondly, you guys posted a picture of these really rad Throwback, retro-looking Star Trek bathing suits that were probably my favorite thing ever in the whole universe. [LAUGH] I'll make sure you get one. Don't get the red one cuz you'll like it. [CROSSTALK] No, I don't want a red suit. I don't want to be a red suit. I don't want to be a red suit. No, no. I mean I get it. I'll give that to my sister. I get it. Yeah so again I think we're really good at seeing where there's holes in pop culture, like what needs to be filled in. And we noticed that as far as like geek girl fashion is concerned, a lot of that's getting filled now. But the one thing we were looking at was Swimwear and how no one really makes nerdy one wear, and if you do find it, it's the $20 super cheap stuff you wear two times and then- It falls apart. It falls apart, sure. Sure, you find this very fascinating. He's just like I'm just looking for the right bikini for years. Finally, we're having this conversation. I know. It's a really Seems like a really important conversation. What were you, I think you were going to ask. Why, we were talking earlier this episode before you got here about 3D printed fashion, which is sort of becoming a thing. There's this rose petal dress that's sort of hit the internet. I don't know if you saw anything about it, but what do you think about the idea of. 3D printing to your exact specifications and making the exact dress that you want. I love that. Kinda scratches both those itches of the geeky thing of fiddling around to make it just right and then- I think there's a lot of movies A lot of costume designers or movies that I have been doing, I think even since like Tron, the Tron movie where they digitally capture the actors body to create-- To create-- To create around and it's just basically perfect measurements, but yeah I think that's a Kind of the way things are gonna go, especially when 3D printers get cheaper and cheaper and cheaper, which they have been. I think you'll see a lot more 3D printed fashion. So, in terms of, aside from 3D printing and fashion, because you're doing a science show I have to ask, what to you is the most exciting In science right now what is the thing that really grabs you as a person? Personally, I've always been drawn to anything space related since I was a little girl. If I hadn't gone into acting, I probably would have gone into astronomy or something to do with that. There are a lot of amazing concepts such as Physics and one of the biggest things that has happened lately is they have figured out what's it called? They have Proven gravitational weights. Yeah. We had a [UNKNOWN] team member come on and talk about that. Did you? Yeah it was fascinating. And great example of what we were talking about, of something that's kind of hard to wrap your head around. And it's great to have a way, a show like what you're talking about kind of break it down and understand why that's a big deal, because it's like, who cares what's happening out, you know So far away and then it's also so infinitesimal when it finally reaches us, it's so hard to understand, what does that mean It has huge ramifications. right. Yeah, and that was like one of the examples we were using as we were talking about the show and realized the show is happening now, this is something that we would talk about currently As it was happening and try to explain in a way that the normal, you and me, type of people would be able to understand so through demonstrations or whatever. Yeah. Yeah. Like a modern sort of Mr. Wizard. I used to love that show. You guys, you're not even old enough to remember that show. I remember Mr. Wizard. Obviously, she does. She does. She does. [LAUGH] We watched it. Yeah, I'm old, it's my birthday today, I'm one year older. My hardware guy is upgrading right now. [LAUGH] You're downloading right now. The internal hardware is upgrading. Okay, so let's talk about, let's wrap this up and then we'll, So people are gonna be able to go to Comic-Con International to see it, to check out HQ, when is this launching? So, the beta launches in May, the first of may, I had [LAUGH] You sound really confident. [LAUGH] Yeah, I know I just had to think I was just like when [UNKNOWN] show airing by, okay. May seventh, I think they're going to do a [UNKNOWN] launch on May seventh. Right now the beta is Free. Okay, so you can try it before you buy it. Uh-huh, it's gonna be free for two months, maybe three months. I might- Awesome. Be misspeaking about that. I think that's enough time to figure out if you really like it. If you like it or not. Absolutely, yeah. And especially, I mean, it'll be free during Comic-Con. Yeah and that's a big thing because a lot of people you know. There's so many people that go to Comic Con but there's a lot of people that can't go. Right. Sure. And it's really hard to get into the panels you want to see even if you go. It's like [CROSSTALK] Even if you, [UNKNOWN] seats 6,000 people. If you have never been at Comic-Con it's 6,000, that's like a small stadium. And people still don't get in. It's not even [UNKNOWN], it's anything at this point. Yeah. You have to pick and choose. You can't see everything cuz you have to stand in line 12 hours early. You have to choose what panel you want to sit in, one panel a day. That's pretty much what you're gonna get into. Yeah, it's really, really frustrating for a lot of people and What this channel is going to allow for is that you are going to kinda get a front seat for all that stuff. So they're gonna be live streaming all the [UNKNOWN] panels, there'll be behind the scenes stuff. Finally. Finally, yeah. But it's gonna, yeah, it's gonna be like, you can sit at home and watch whatever. And be at Comic Con and maybe not be part of the 180,000 people that are part of San Diego. Yeah, you don't have to smell Comic Con, you can just see Comic Con. You can see Comic Con, yeah. Yes, you can experience it without the smells. Sometimes fewer senses are better. Do you know the name of you show yet? Ha ha. We're working on names right now actually. I've got, like, eight of them out there buy marketing is trying to figure out which one's the best. You gotta lock down all those social media accounts. We'll know your name. We'll keep an eye out for that. Where can everybody follow you, so that when it gets announced they can go follow the Right now on twitter you can follow me at my first name, Rileah. And then, on my website RileahVanderbilt.com. Very cool, thanks for being here. We appreciate it. Yeah, thank you for having me guys. It was delightful. Make sure you guys check out Comic Con HQ. And like she said, May 7th. It's gonna be in beta. Free trial. Do it. Yeah, looks good. And then you can decide if you want to throw your money at it, like Jeff throws money at everything. God, it's not a good idea. Free stuff's better. [INAUDIBLE] We've got more free show coming, so stick around [MUSIC] Welcome back to the show. She was a truly wonderful woman. She's very wonderful. Yeah. I'd say she's a wonder woman. She's great. Thank you again to Riley Vanderbilt, make sure you guys, seriously, just go follow her on social media Good stuff. Because she actually puts up a lot of great tweets and also You're gonna want to know about [UNKNOWN]. We've been having this habit of skipping back it or hack it. have we. For some interesting questions. Like we did DVR comparisons. Right. We did a few different things. Today you found a story that I think is worth conversation. Or lifestyle change, and complete new realignment of priorities. It's a pretty big deal. [LAUGH] So here's the story. I don't know if you've seen it yet, but apparently UC Irvine, University of California is a publicly funded school. Yeah, big school. Big school, they announced this week that it will become the first public university to launch an eSports scholarship program starting in the fall of this year. Yeah, you get paid to go to school, well not paid to go to school, but your school is paid for because you play League of Legends. Because you play like, force Specifically for League of Legends. So Riot Games really got out ahead of this and made some great deals. As they should. I think this is a cool thing. Now, I can understand some people hearing this and being skeptical and thinking, is this the thing we sort of want to promote in a college atmosphere? I say yes too, and I say yes mostly because I think culturally, we've sort of just accepted that collegiate sports are worthwhile. Sure. And no one would question somebody getting a baseball scholarship or basketball scholarship or a football scholarship. Or even a kickball scholarship. Right. Or, tennis, or- Volleyball. Yeah, right. Racquetball, whatever There are a myriad ways in which collegiate athletics help people go to school. There's also even academic scholarships, so you don't have to play sports to get a scholarship to go to a college. And we all think that the reason, we all agree that the reason that this is a good thing is because it enriches the college experience. By having all a diversity of endeavors for the student body right. Having a healthy sports area, having a healthy academic area, filling out the college with well rounded kids. Right so that everybody gets an experience that helps them become better people. Right and helps the college overall. Have, you know, so you go there and you have all these different things that are available to you. Sure. I think this is another thing that is part of our culture more and more and as ESports becomes a more lucrative professional endeavor. You want to have people prepared for it on a younger level, now. The weird thing is by the time you get to college, you're almost too old to compete. It's almost like gymnastics so it's like, once you hit 16, they're like, you're retired now. Yeah, so that's the only downside, but. But, you're 18 when you go into college if you go in right after high school. So you're 18 years old, you really love legal edge. Let's say you're in high school right now. Say you're 16, you're 15, you're watching the show right now. If you really love League of Legends, you might be able to get a full scholarship to a university. And that is an incredible thing in an of itself. Yeah, it really is. That's an incredible thing. It really is a cool thing. It changes the whole conversation about whether video games are sort of a waste of time. I think we can move beyond that. I think we've gotten past that, because of coding and apps end developer, I mean, there are so many avenues that video games can lead you to, in terms of a career path. I think we're beyond that now. Yeah.>> Do you, I gotta ask you this. It sound a little shady that they chose University of California, Irvine, specifically, because that is Legitimately blizzard backyard. How do you think it was sort of some shaded blizzard. I don't know maybe. [LAUGH] Like there's an extra bonus for [UNKNOWN] to be like this is in blizzard backyard. [LAUGH] Bwahahaha. I don't know if there's anything. Actually, it's there. I'm sure somebody is excited about how shady that seems. Yeah. Well, I heard about one, there's one on the east coast that was kind of talking about this too and I think this is sort of going to be a domino effect. I agree. That's going to permeate more and more and more schools. My question is are there going to be, I mean we already see something like, you are talking about Blizzard does Heroes of the Dorm, which is a college level- Right. Win tuition. Yeah. Well it's a college level, aimed at that age group Are we going to see college teams? Because if you're getting a scholarship to come to our school and play League of Legends, it would make more sense if the school had a League of Legends team. Had a league, a league of its own, might you say? Also, for old people as a reference So yeah, I think that you're absolutely right. There's gonna have to be leagues. I think we're gonna start seeing collegiate Gaming leagues pop up. [UNKNOWN] East Force leagues. And the I also think we're gonna see high school leagues. I think that in a couple years we're gonna start seeing- Like the Pop Warner of e sports? Maybe it's not specifically sanctioned by the high school, but you're gonna see those [UNKNOWN] for soccer and Pop Warner for football.. You don't have to go to a specific school, it's just sort of regional leagues and teams and stuff like that Which we already kind of see in like, again, lan cafes or like tournaments. Again, you actually have people who are set teams, and they go and they travel and they play maybe for a little cash or whatever. But that's the one thing that you really have to worry about is, then you start getting into well, does e-sports fall into NCAA rules? Is this going to be part of the NCAA? Right, can you earn money Can a player earn money? Can a player have sponsorships? These are things that are changing, I think, very rapidly in the industry. And there's been a lot of talk about college football, for example. There's so much money made off of those players, and they don't make any money, and they're not allowed to. And it's really hard for them because they have to To pay for their housing. I mean, there's a lot of things that they don't get covered by their scholarships, and these players want compensation. Well I mean, I think the idea here would be, is there going to be a college level league that isn't professional? Because I think that's the difference, right, is in the sort of athletic realm The difference is these NCAA rules say. Right. We're not a professional league. You're amateurs. You're amateurs. Yeah. So, right now I imagine you go, you get a scholarship, you compete in League of Legends tournaments that are still for money. Then you. It's still professional. Right. So It's going to be an issue to see how this all evolves and changes, but I like it because it's continues to legitimize video games as a worthwhile activity. But also as these e sports become more of the regular sport culture, Gets transitioned over to eSports. I think it makes everything bigger, better, and more fun. Sure, I agree. I mean any competition, anything in terms of competition, and I mean that in the sense of well you're gonna start a scholarship program, well so are we. And then you're gonna have league, well so are we. Any of that is just good for gamers, there's no, and all over fans. There's no way That doesn't not end well for everybody. It's a thing where everyone can enjoy it. It's only gonna get better, more sophisticated, bigger, bolder, louder. I mean, I'm going to Heroes of the Dorm next weekend to cover it. Which you can watch social media by the way, and I'm going to that, and it's now at a sports venue. Right. It is at, where I believe- The Sounders play, right? Yeah I think so. Yeah. And it's like they're playing at a huge venue. This is a big deal, like they've really expanded this competition, so same thing. Like same type of concept, I mean, as we, we're king of marching toward what South Korea already has which is professional gamers as rock stars, these guys are Just worships, and so I think we're going to start seeing the same type of, you know, e athlete worship soon enough, and we already saw it a little bit at the Starcraft final. Yeah, and I think that what most people don't understand about this is the difference between an e sport Player and a regular gamer is as big a gap as the difference between a top draft pick for the NFL coming out of college and a guy who plays football on the weekends. On the weekends in the park yeah it's a big deal. It really is that Skill gap, that amount of difference in- Time, effort, training. This is a really big deal. Yeah, it's not the kinda thing you can just, well maybe I'll go to school and get a scholarship in e-sports. No, it's a lifelong devotion. It's a dedication. It's a dedication just like you would dedicate your entire high school career to playing a sport to get a scholarship and maybe even before Before you start high school, you already been playing that sport thing- Yeah. Type thing. So that is our conversation about eSports. We would love your feedback. I would love to know if you would want to have gotten or thinking of maybe getting or It's something that would inspire you to play more video games. If you could get a full scholarship to college, what game would it be for? That's what I wanna know. There you go. What are you are so good at that you think you could get a scholarship to college for? Man. That's my question. Are they throwing out [UNKNOWN]. Splatoon. I'd go for splatoon. Yeah. I'd be a team captain, all-American, splatoon player. [LAUGH] Yeah, the fighting splatooners. You'd be a Heroes of the Storm player. I can't hang with those guys. I wish I could. I mean Mine legitimately, you can look at professionals. I mean I guess there's a professional Splatooners too, but I wish I could rank high enough to play with the pros. Play with the big dogs. Yes. I know, I know. I aspire to it. I aspire to the really good people at Splatoon too, so. Yeah. All right, so that is our discussion. Let's talk about what we're into. [MUSIC] It's my birthday today. Yes. [LAUGH] It is. It's my birthday, and I was really excited because Nintendo gave me a great gift. [LAUGH] And they gave it to everybody else. Miitomo is out today. And finally Nintendo is getting into mobile with a super weird kind of social network. I by the way this [LAUGH] this promotional video is just- Perfectly insane? Yeah, it's absolute- Like spot on- This is an exact representation of what [LAUGH] the game is. Sitting on top of a Chihuahua in a photo. You make you little me. You make your me. I'm going to you know what. I'm going to open the app. That's what I'm going to do. Now, the whole show is going downhill, now. It's all going down. I'm opening up the Nintendo app. Yeah, so basically you have you little me. You make your me And you can make answers. You can see it right now. Here is my amazing I don't know how well you can see it. Basically this is- Look, you have a little hate on. Yeah, I got a whole costume. I bought a whole little outfit. Did you spend real human money for that? No, they give you coins. But that's the nice thing. There's no in app purchases. Really? So there's, nope. Does the app cost money? Nope, it's free. So what, is there ads in there? Nope. What am I not getting about this? But here's the thing. It's promoting Nintendo. That's the thing. like they want people talking about, and you have to have, you can do your Nintendo ID to sign up. And then you can connect to Twitter and so people can just sort of start talking about I'm skeptical. Nintendo. I have a Mario hat, you can get little costumes. There are games. I'm skeptical about this. I haven't seen in an app's purchase section, but there might be one for these little game tickets cuz they have these Sort of carnival-esque games where you drop a Mii into a machine and then it sort of bobble or, it's really weird, guys. Any time you see multiple currencies in a game, chances are one of them is tied to human money. It is very strange. But I haven't seen any, and I keep It's really easy to get coins and stuff. So it's really fun, it's super weird. i'm not gonna lie, it's not for everybody. But that's what good about it, right? The weirdness. That's the best part about it. It's so bizarre. You answer questions and your friends come to your apartment and tell you answers about stuff. It is very strange. But I am enjoying it so far. It's super weird. If you follow me on twitter Let me know if you're in me trouble because that's all I got. That's pretty good.>>Hey, my in to it today, you kinda spoiled it, my into it is your birthday.>>Oh, you're into my birthday?>>Yeah, happy birthday, Ashley. Yeah, Logan and I->>you guys did a graphic and everything.>>Yeah, we did. Logan and I What is happening right now? This is you card, and you can open that later. You got me a card and everything! We just wanted to celebrate you because you're the heart and soul of this show. And you make everything work out so fine. And you're just so much fun to work with.. It's your birthday, and there's nothing I'm more into right now today, than my awesome co host being rad. You celebrated my birthday by buying yourself a template. [LAUGH] [UNKNOWN] More appropriate. That's very true. You can all speak like me and preorder [UNKNOWN] today for my birthday. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK] Go get in the real long line. You know, take a second to use the hashtag [UNKNOWN] to Wish old Ashley a big happy birthday. Here's my birthday wish if you want to do something for my birthday. Say something nice to a stranger. Aw. That's my, do or say something nice to somebody you have never met in your life, that's always the best gift you can give. Is the gift of kindness. I think what you're saying is, be good humans? I think that's exactly what I'm saying. But before we officially do that, we have to see our phonetographer for the day. [MUSIC] Our photographer of the day today is Kyle. Kyle. Kyle. We're watching you. Kyle took this picture, on his Moto G3, and he wrote to us and said, Hey guys, I love the show. Took this image with my Motorola G3 in February, at my park in Larne. Thought it might be good for the show. And yes, I totally give permission for you to use it. His park? What does that mean his park? It's a park he goes to I'm guessing? I'm going to guess he owns it. [CROSSTALK] I'd like to say Kyle owns this park. That's Kyle's Park. That is his park. It is called the Kyle Park. He gave us permission to use the photo but did he give us permission to go swimming in his park? Cuz I wanna do that. That looks like a nice, well I don't know there's three sort of smoke stacks back here. [LAUGH] I get a little nervous about what's inside that lake. Kyle, what are you doing to your park?>>Yeah, whats in that body of water? Maybe he owns the Factory that's at the end of the thing. No, I always find these pictures so fascinating cuz there's always these little details that I catch, and I'm like, I wonder what the story is with that. And there's a sign right here, there's all kinds of stuff happening Happening in this picture, that I think it looks simple at first but then when you really get into it you could probably come up with a good story. I wish Kyle would let us know what he does down at his park, like does he go fishing? There's a fishing hole. Do you hike? Or kayak maybe? Yea Kayak No. File that. You can file that away. I never said that. We want to know. And if you guys want to send it any of your photography you should. The email is tomorrow at cnet.com. That's why you should always include a little story about your photo. We love knowing why you took that picture. Also, tell us what device you took Check it on, and give us permission to use it like Kyle did. And if you don't know, make something up. We don't know. Tell us a fictional story. We're not saying it has to be a non-fiction story. That's what we should turn Phonetographer into. We see a picture, and we invent a narrative around it. Listen, I do that sometimes on the show. [LAUGH] That's what I do Come up with stuff. I like that idea. So I'm gonna guess that was a robot factory. Kyle's Robot Factory. That was Kyle's Robot Factory, makes underwater submarine robots. Indeed, indeed. That is it for the show, you can find us on social media. We will be back next week with a brand new docket of weird, wonderful science facts v science fiction. Both of us, in fact, have our shirts on right side forward today. Which by the way, why would anybody do that? I don't know. Because you gotta live outside the shirt, that's what I say. Boy. Happy birthday, Ashley. Thank you, be good humans, guys, bye. [MUSIC]