The Macbook Air and I spent a lot of time together over the years, from the very first Air back in 2008 to the current version ever so slightly updated for 2017. You can say we're old friends, but my friend is definitely showing its age. The processor, while faster now, is still a couple of generations old The design, once the coolest looking laptop in the world, feels a bit dated with a thick silver border around the screen. And that screen is very low res compared to other mainstream laptops. No IPS, no retina, obviously no touch. Still, a lot about the MacBook Air still works. It's now the only MacBook where you can get a regular old USB port, you get two, in fact. And it's the last stand for the Mac Save connection which has saved many, many MacBooks from a grim fate over the years, and that's just the ones I've personally almost killed. Battery life still tops ten hours, and the CPU, while kind of out of date, is still fine for everyday stuff like websurfing, video streaming, and social media. And importantly other MacBooks are thinner and lighter and more powerful but none are cheaper. Apple still sells the Air for $999 but you could shop around online and knock at least 100 bucks off. Sure the MacBook Air is a bit of an old timer but it's a tribute to how iconic it once was. It's slower and grayer now but it's still kicking.