[MUSIC] What's going on? Brian Tong here, and welcome to the Apple Byte for everything good and bad inside the world of Apple. The hottest story of the week that is bugging the crap out of many iOS 11.1 users is the letter i bug. That auto-corrects when users type an I by itself to either an exclamation point or replaces it with the letter a followed by a question mark and a box. I know you've seen it. Now I have the bug on my phone, but it isn't affecting all users, just a whole lot of them. And mine didn't even show up until a couple days ago. But it can really water down a message for that special someone. Or completely ruin the lyrics to your favorite song. Heck, even Apple isn't immune to it. See that one's too good. We gotta give props to Jeremy Birch for that one. Legend. [MUSIC] News flash. Apple has just fixed the bug with with the release of IOS 11.1.1 So take a moment and go get it. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming. But seriously though, how did this get through? It's been going on for a week. Has the quality control dropped off that bad? This is bad and more than worthy of a bad apple. [MUSIC] But, there's a good Apple coming from the latest public beta releases as well. The introduction of Apple Pay Cash for both iOS 11.2 and WatchOS 4.2. Now some beta testers and developers are seen up here as an option in the messages app Apple has been testing it internally with their own employees recently. But think of Apple pay cash as Apple's attempt to take down demo with just for Apple users. And let's be real integrating it into a blue bubble messages app. That's got a hold of you like blue crystal Apple paying tax is gonna be just fine. Now, we expect a general release for both the bug fix and Apple pay cash very soon. All right, the iPhone 10 is all been out for about a week but who knew that an emoji's we're going to be such. A big deal, and i'll be the first to admit I was the number one hater. I mean they're cute and all, but to tout them as one of the reasons to get a new iPhone X. No! And it's not like I was going to use them regularly until Animojikaraoke. How could you avoid social media without seeing these things, they were everywhere, and you know what? They're down fun like this. Due to copyright issues, we were unable to use you favorite artists like Bruno Mars or Taylor Swift. Instead, we have hand-picked this fine folk song from our music library. So we don't get sued. [MUSIC] So, I'll take it all back. Animojis are amazing. Animojis are for everyone. But they still aren't worth it for a $1,000 phone. Okay, the iPhone X has been making the rounds and DXOMARK has given it it's highest mark for photo performance on a phone with a score of 101. That's really impressive with an 89 for video and a 97 overall. That leaves the Pixel 2 still as the top rated smartphone camera with an overall score of 98 of photo performance score of 99 and a video score of 96. But you can check out MKBHD's awesome explainer of the DXL marks scoring system which is a weighted mix of scores and isn't based out of a scale of 100 So, if you're wondering how good is the iPhone ten's camera, it's the cream of the crap. In fact, it's so good! That people on Twitter are complaining that the selfie camera is a little too good. Like this girl, and this guy, and this girl too, and okay, yeah. Not going to lie, that's pretty bad. Now, display me it has also put the iPhone ten through their usual display technology shootout. And now calls the iPhone ten the most innovative and high performance smart phone display that they have ever tested. Display Mate also congratulates Samsung display for developing and manufacturing the outstanding all LED display hardware. Now, the ten match or set new smart phone display records For the highest absolute color accuracy, highest full screen brightness for OS smartphones, highest full screen contrast reading in ambient light and highest contrast ratio. It also had the lowest screen reflectance and smallest brightness variation with a viewing angle. [MUSIC] Wow, that's a good apple. Ooh yeah. That's right. Now apple even took preventive measures, after all the negative press from the pixel two excel screen, to issue statement that the iPhone ten will also have shifts in color and human looking at it at an off angle, and can express image retention, or burning over time, but they engineered their supper rendered display, to reduce the effects of oled burning. And we still haven't seen any burning issues reported a week after the iPhone 10's release. So the iPhone 10 display is great and Samsung is just as happy about that. Not only did they help build it, they also make about $110 for every iPhone 10 sold. So what do you do when your business partner drops their latest phone that will add billions of dollars to your bottom line? You put out a commercial called Growing Up. That mocks them for being late to the party with features like being waterproof or doing something dumb like taking away the headphone jack. But then, they went in for the jugular with this guy, in line for the iPhone 10. So I'll do this for the Apple fan boys who are going to get mad if I don't defend them. C'mon Sung! Why you gotta be like that? That's a bad apple. [NOISE] You know, I do not want to know even really who cares. Just a funny act. And all you know, I love the iPad pro and a new report from [UNKNOWN] says, apple is working on a new high end iPad to be ready as only as 2018,, that will brings one more edges And the iPhone X's Face ID facial recognition system. The next gen iPad is unlikely to include an OLED display. But at least one new iPad model will have a screen size similar to the 10.5 inch iPad Pro. And removing the physical home button will allow more of the screen to go to the edges Like the iPhone X. An OLED screen would not only drive up costs significantly if it was implemented, but Samsung would once again be its only supplier. With their other OLED partners unlikely to have the ability to produce larger tablet-sized OLED screens for Apple next year, according to the report. Now Apple is also preparing a new Apple Stylus and new software features for using the pencil with his iPad as well. And another one from germian blue band Apple eye glasses might be here before you even know it the Big A is targeting to have the technology ready for an augmented reality in 2019 and could ship it as early as 2020 Now the report says Apple plans for the headset to have it's own display, running on a new chip and a new operating system. Apple has aggressively built out it's expertise in augmented reality with numerous hirings and they launched their AR kit platform which has already brought us some really killer apps and will continue taking off as developers start building apps for the iPhone X. Now CEO Tim Cook Even told the independent recently, Anything you would see on the market at any time soon would not be something any of us would be satisfied with. And chief assign officer Jony Ive told the tech panel last month that, There are certain ideas that we have and we are waiting for the technology to catch up with the idea. That's according to a report. Now the Apple bite even got a sneak peak of their marketing material that Apples working on right here. Come on! Apple, can you just get this fixed up to the public already? Sheesh, all right, tha;ts gonna do for this week's show, you can email us at theapplebyte@cnet.com or Tweet me @BrianTong. Thanks so much for watching, we'll catch you all next time for another bite of the apple. [MUSIC]