Scientists searching the cosmos for signs of life have found something very interesting. A repeating fast radio burst and it has some people wondering, is it aliens? Well, truth is there is no clear answer but before we start talking about little green men, let me explain these fast radio bursts or FRBs for short. They are signals far beyond the Milky Way, and they only last a few milliseconds. And since scientists first noticed them, only about two dozen have been recorded. It's usually a random event. There's this one particular FRB spot that has scientists intrigued. It's from a distant dwarf galaxy about three billion light years away. A burst was found there in 2012. But a few years later in 2015 another burst was found in that same spot. Jump to this past weekend, researchers pointed instruments at that spot again watching for five hours across a wide frequency band. And after combing through 400 terabytes of data, they had a radio signal pulsing there, 15 more times. So what could cause that? Are these outbursts from neutron stars? Or directed energy from alien worlds? Scientists are still not sure. But whatever or whoever causes those bright radio bursts. Well, that happened a very long time ago when lifeforms on Earth were just single cell organisms. We are just able to see it now. And the researchers are asking other astronomers to look up to the sky for followup observations to help gather more data. I'm Bridget Carey and you can find more details on this cosmic mystery at