[MUSIC]. Hi. Hey. What are you? 3-D cat, whoa. Yep, yep, but it's working. My god, wait, that's crazy. Wow. You can see it. [LAUGH] Just [INAUDIBLE], [LAUGH] It's 3-D Without 3D glasses. This is really bad. Yeah, I don't like it. It's possibly because I'm very old. It suffers from the same problem that 3D film does. And that is that it's distracting. I have so many questions right now that range from like Why? [MUSIC] Why indeed, why would you put 3D on a phone? I think I know why. It's fun, it's cool, it's weird and [LAUGH] It's kind of awesome. What it is is it's a regular 2-D screen and, underneath it, they have this nano light technology. And it makes things appear 3-D. And that's why, if I'm looking at Instagram, which is a 2-D app, it looks 2-D. But if I go to Holopics, an app by Red, I see all my photos in 3-D. Pretty cool. And just remember that this video you are watching is in 2D. And, any of the images from the phone will not be in 3D. With 3D, what's interesting is as soon as you mention it this little filter goes off in people mind because I don't know if anyone has seen true good 3D. I know I haven't. Now if I said hey, take a look at this picture of my cat, and it's a 2D photo No matter how good it was, if she's doing something cute you'll be like cute cat, but if I showed you a 3D photo of my cat, all of a sudden you start becoming aware that you're looking at a 3D photo, you start now looking at the cat but you're looking at all of the imperfections or the differences that a 3D photo does, and I think that's the biggest hurdle we have with 3D right now This gets pretty close. There's a time where I'm watching a clip from the Pixar movie Brave and she's shooting an arrow. There's a thing called the Hydrogen Network, which I can look at videos and I can rent movies that are done in 3D. There's this Leia App, like the princess, and it allows me to play 3D video games, which is pretty cool. There's a thing called holo pics which allows it's kind of like a 3-D Instagram. And not on here yet but a demo l had was for a video messaging app. That was in 3-D. And that is pretty cool l think. [MUSIC] So let's talk about these cameras. And so right now, on the back a dual camera and a dual camera on the front. Now, we take a close look at the door cameras at the back and you look at them compared to something like the iPhone or the Galaxy phone or pretty much any phone with dual cameras you may notice one difference after that is they're further apart than other dual cameras That's how they're able to capture 3D video and 3D photos. Also, they're the same camera like one's not telephoto, one's not black and white. They do the exact same thing. And they're paired stereoscopic Lee's. But as far as pictures on this, when I take a picture, they look pretty good. I like the way they look. They don't have the digital perfection of a pixel three photo or even the smart HDR on an iPhone. They have more of a kind of an analog film quality. So if I was taking a picture on an old camera and I got the film developed, they look more natural because of that, and I like that. Take a look at these photos I took of my friend Becca. This is using the portrait mode on this phone, and it looks pretty good. [MUSIC] Look, you kinda had one job, Red, you got us to amazing cinema video. And video out here in daylight looks, Pretty good, but it's very cropped in especially 4k. It's noisy. It's a little soft, especially if I compare it to something like the iPhone's video. Again, the iPhone is designed to just shoot that video out. It's gonna look great. Just as is. But I can take these video files and using an app on this phone and try to clean them up. I just don't have that app yet. So, when I look at the videos I'm a little disappointed, even in slow motion. Slow motions like 720 at 120 frames per second, very sad Patrick. I just wanted really good video. However that's not the full end of the story. Part of the reason you're buying this phone is because of these little copper pogo pins. And that's gonna be for modules, and there's two that we know that are coming out. One's gonna be a battery module, and the other's going to be a cinema camera module. It has a larger sensor, and it even has a lens mount. So you could put it on a Canon lens or you could put it on a Nikon lens or. Whatever lens you want. And when that comes on then we're gonna really truly see the true cinema power in this camera. But out of my pocket without that module it's okay at video. It's not horrible. So let's talk about it as a phone. It's big. It's made of aluminum. It's probably about the size of a Razor phone too. However This thing is built is like, built like a camera. It just feels nice and dense and solid. It's more solid and dense than pretty much any phone. I can remember picking up and I like that feel. It has Kevlar in the backside headphone jack has a 5.7 inch display and the colors look nice, even when it's not in 3D. It's a very nice bright display. Perhaps my favorite feature on here is the giant 4,500 milliamp-hour battery. This thing lasted around 14 hours in our battery test, which is really good. In its existing form, I think the 3D is really neat. I am entertained by it. I love that aha moment when I show it to people for the first time. However, the thing that's so frustrating is I have no one to share this content with. I can't send it to my data brother because they don't have a RED Hydrogen phone. I can't send it to coworkers who don't have one either. And right now that's the biggest limit is getting that 3D content Out someplace. But if you've been watching this video and any part of it's been like that's pretty cool, I would kinda dig that, then you should definitely go check this phone out. But if you've watched this whole video and you're still asking, why? This phone is probably not for you. [MUSIC]