[MUSIC] This is the Razr Phone. Yep it's a big black slab, and it's also the fastest phone I've ever used, because this is the first hand set with a screen that refreshes 120 times per second. And let me tell you it's been hard to go back to other phones. [MUSIC] With this phone, you can scroll through websites and read text that would be blurry on practically any other device. Games feel more responsive. I beat my high score on Smash Hit the first time I tried. And Razor's twin stereo speakers get mind-bogglingly loud for a phone, while staying crystal clear. They're better than most laptops I've used, to be honest. They're not quite as good as the best bluetooth speakers, but they're great for sharing movies and tunes. And this is a rock solid, aluminum handset that feels great to touch, even those corners, and whose squared off design will definitely turn heads. So those are the reason to buy the Razer phone but there are also reasons to maybe steer clear. These giant, speaker filled bezels make the phone as big and bulky as an iPhone 8+. It's a huge pocket bulge. And if you're looking for wireless charging or a headphone jack? You won't find them here. If you thought the Razer phone's huge 4,000 mAh battery would give you days of battery life Think again. I made it to bedtime most days, but that's about it. And the camera, well, the best I could say is it's not terrible. Photos in good light are pretty decent and photos in low light can get ugly fast. It's actually pretty cool to have a second telephoto lens. But Razr made it super difficult to tell when you're actually zoomed in. And iPhone 8 plus zoom is still way better. Also, trust me when I say you should keep HDR mode off. Razr says it's working on updates for the camera, but for 700 US dollars, Razr's first phone just isn't competitive with the latest iPhone, Google Pixel, or Samsung phones in camera quality, battery life. Features or design. Still Razor's 120 hertz screen and speakers are pretty awesome. And in ever other way, the Razor phone will get the job done. If you buy phones for bragging rights, this is differently one to show off. [MUSIC]