[MUSIC] I'm here with Opte, which is a high-tech beauty device from P&G Ventures, that's Proctor & Gamble's venture capital win. And it's kind of blowing my mind. Gonna show it to you, it's essentially a thermal inkjet printer for skincare product and makeup, that kind of erases all of your spots. What this does is it prints out precision dots of make-up and skin care serum onto your skin. You'll see a little white bar in there and that's where there are about a hundred nozzles about the width of a human hair. That actually spray and print out make-up, serum, anti-aging product onto your skin. Here's a camera that records at 200 frames per second. Now what's that doing is looking at your skin for any discoloration, of which we'll have quite a bit, and it's measuring that discoloration against the color of your regular skin. If it's spot something like a freckle, pickle or a mole, it's gonna apply the makeup over the top of that and you won't see it. So it's incredibly high tech It's an interesting product and it's certainly something unlike a lot of what I've seen on the show floor. So this is a sign of where beauty tech is heading. No more makeup brushes and [UNKNOWN] but a thermal inject printer for your face.