The Nokia 6 sits at the top end of the three phones it launched earlier this year but only $220 or 220 pounds. It's still a very affordable handset. You do get a lot for your money to the almost design looks very smart and feels extremely premium to hold thanks to the solid body that has none of the flex. You can often find in many lower end phones. The 5.5 inch display is large enough to do justice to those vibrant mobile games and while its full HD resolution is lower than you'll find on premium phones like the Galaxy S8, it's more that adequate for your everyday Twitter and Instagram needs. The optical processor is powerful enough to make everyday operation a breeze. Opening apps or the camera takes a touch longer than it does on more powerful handsets But it's unlikely to be a delay you'll notice too much unless you're downgrading from an iPhone 7. Both the rear 16 megapixel camera and front facing 8 megapixel camera take decent snaps that'll do fine for posting on Facebook. The phone comes with 32 gigabytes of storage which you can expand with micro sd cards and a 3000 milliamp an hour battery that should get you through a whole day of careful use. If you're after the absolute best smartphone technology, then Nokia 6 isn't for you. But if you want a great looking, premium feeling smartphone that tackles all your essentials and won't empty your bank account, it's a great phone to consider.