[MUSIC] Hi guys, this is the S2C Solid State Drive or the SSD complex store. Now this one is a Standard SSD meaning it can replace any regular hard drive like this one right here. And that's also it's main purpose. This is a replacement SSD, and that's because this is an entry level SSD, not fast enough to replace other SSD, but more than fast enough to replace any regular hard drive. It's also affordable. Now, this particular one, right here, the top capacity of 512 gigabytes, has a suggested price of just $134 Which is about $0.26 for a GB. And you are likely to find it on the street for less than that. Now, when testing as expected this wasn't the fastest SSD I've ever seen but was not the slowest either. And that's good, because it surely compared with any regular hardware is so much faster. So again, if you have a computer that still runs on a regular hard drive replacing that drive with this one here would bring about a Huge improvement in performance. Now the drive here comes with a three year warranty, which is not extremely long, but you can use it for much longer than that. And that's because it comes with very diligent endurance which is basically the amount of data you can write to an SSD before it becomes unreliable. Especially [UNKNOWN] on this drive here, you can write up to 150 terabytes. Or if you like, ten big bite per day, and everyday, it'll take some 40 year be full to kind wear it out. And that's pretty cool because, guess what, in 40 years this could be the first, and the only part of me. That's not working. And that's because I'm [UNKNOWN] and this is the S2C SSD complex storage. Go get it. [MUSIC]