Hey this is Sean Hollis with CNET and I'm here with the new Google Pixelbook, a ridiculously well built aluminum laptop, that's just ten millimeters thick. Super thin and one kilogram or 2.2 pounds heavy. It's an aluminum machine with a silicone thumb run pads up front for your hands. And a amazingly, Amazingly smooth touch pad like on the previous Chrome Book Pixel model. There's also a $99 optional stylus pen which you might want to use in this laptop tablet model because, yes, this is a touch screen tablet with a 12.3 inch screen and flip that around and open up an app To use in drawing. And they've worked with Wacom on this stylus, to get the latency down to just ten milliseconds. All kinds of pressure sensitivity, like you'd expect. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at drawing. Let me show you just how thin this machine is compared to what I carry around. Carry around. I carry around a Dell XPS 15, which is a 15 inch laptop that's actually considered pretty small for a 15 incher. You put the Pixelbook on top of it, you're looking at very, very thin by comparison. So that's the Google Pixelbook. It's going to be $999 to start with a core 1-5 processor 128 gig store memory. Excuse me 128 gigs of storage and 8 gigabytes of memory. You go up to 512 of storage and 16 of memory and a core 1-7 which is what you are seeing in this model right here. The Google Pixelbook. Take Care.