These are Google's Pixel Bugs, the companies first wireless headphones, and they're going to take on Apple's Air Pods at the same $159 price. What they do, that Apple's Air Pods don't real time language translation. You can use the Google Translate App, just by holding down on the right ear piece for a moment, it will summon a Google Translate App on your phone, you can hand it to another person And talk to them in another language back and forth between Japanese and English, for instance. [FOREIGN] [BLANK_AUDIO] Where are you from today? Where are you coming from today? I am in San Fransisco. [FOREIGN] [FOREIGN] [BLANK_AUDIO] Shall I see a movie? I was hoping we'd see it together but that will work. [LAUGH] Yes, we should see a movie together [FOREIGN] They can also read notifications from your phone. Allow you to make other Google system queries. Stop and start your music by tapping on the right ear bud or you change the volume by swiping backwards and forwards. Unlike Apple's ear pods they are wired to each other which Google says allows them to focus on audio quality instead of worrying about wirelessly connecting Two earbuds at a time. And they've got these cool little adjustable loops that'll help them fit better into your ears, and stay there, instead of dropping out. They should last for about five hours on a charge, says Google, and the case can hold four additional charges. So you got about 24 hours in total And when you're done you can just wrap the cord around the edge of the case, stick it in there and put it in your pocket. Those are Google's Pixel Buds and they're coming in November for $159.