[MUSIC] Welcome to Alphabet City, I'm your guide Iyaz Akhtar and you are the mighty audience. Let's head to pixel park. So we had an episode on pixel leaks all ready to go and then google went ahead and then tweeted out a render of the google pixel four, here's the tweet. Well, since there seems to be some interest, here you go! Wait until you can see what it can do. Hashtag Pixel 4. And what's crazy is it matches the renders that leaked, at least the back. There is a square section with two cameras, a flash, and a sensor. There's still a lot that's unknown like the front and the hardware inside. This is a crazy move. It looks like Google is trying to get ahead of leaks that came out recently. I'm a big fan of this decision to temper expectations on the Pixel 4. Last year saw so many Pixel 3 leaks that it seemed ridiculous that Google did not just unveil the device early. It looks like Google learned from last year. One high profile render that as made by pricebaba.com is making the rounds. Compare Google's image to Pricebaba and they are pretty dang similar. Neither image shows a fingerprint sensor on past models of the Pixel, A fingerprint sensor was located on the back. There's still no headphone jack unless it's hidden somewhere. The regular headphone jack went bye-bye in 2017's Pixel 2. Pricebaba said it used schematics obtained by OnLeaks To produce the renders as you can see on leeks has a pretty darn good track record with getting information well ahead of time. So even with the official Google render we don't have information about the front of the phone or the insides are my exact hiring. Google stopped tweeting for like a day. [MUSIC]