Welcome to alphabet city i'm your guide is that chart by grab Thor's hammer you are the audience the pixel for maven spot in the public according to the site the teen tech you might be thinking is we've already seen the pixel for google is shown off that thing and that video that confirms solely I'd say yes, you'd be right. But that was at a quite extreme angle the teen tech claims that he saw a prototype of the Pixel 4 on an airplane, the Pixel 4 was wearing Hawaiian shirt and was drinking a pina colada. No, that's not right, the Pixel 4 is being held by a Google employee and there was an image on the device. Taking a look at these granite pits, you can see that the screen on the pixel four seem to take up a lot of space other than that top bezel. The team tech also mentioned that the face unlock feature worked very quickly even at a 60 degree angle With the phone in the employees lap.Now, how reliable is the team tech?That I can't answer?I don't recall another scoop that this site has had. The bio on the team text Twitter account says, I'm The Teen Tech, which basically means I have no life. And write articles about new technology at the teen tech co.uk. His twitter feed confirms him being a fan of technology. I'm not sure if these pics are legitimate or not. However, such a design would make a lot of sense. Google has been showing off the pixel for and lots of new ways. The company must be holding off something special for the unveil. Let's take a look at Google's own Pixel 4 video. Let's zoom in. You know what? It could have a tiny chin. I'm still looking forward to seeing how the radar-based project [UNKNOWN] will operate in the real world, even if the technology is better than optical-based gesture recognition. Ease of use is going to be very important. Keeping it on the Pixel 4 9 to 5 google says the phone will have a 90hz display and 6gb of ram. 9 to 5 google also says we're looking at a 5.7 inch full hd plus oled display on the regular 4 the XL would have a 6.3 inch quad hd plus oled screen. And get this the same report says both models will also have stereo speakers. Let's go rapid fire on some smaller stories. Google will make it easier to log into certain Google services if you've got an Android phone. In a blog post to the company said that you'll be able to verify your ID by using your fingerprint or screen lock instead of using a password when visiting certain Google services. The feature is live for Pixel devices and will come to all Android devices running Android 7 and higher. Google clarified that your fingerprint is never sent to its servers. Instead, it's stored on your device. For you widget fans, get outraged. Spotify killed its home screen widget. The company said the widget is being retired. Playback features are still available through the notification tray and lock screen. The widget was last seen on a plane wearing a Hawaiian shirt, sipping a pi��a colada. Let's talk a little bit about the Note10. First up, it will not support the Gear VR. It saddens me to tell you this, but it looks like the future of VR is not strapping a phone to your face. Next, Samsung released a video showing you'll be able to use something called play galaxy link to play PC games on your note. TechCrunch says the app will hit Windows and Android in early September. That also brings us to your comments on the Note 10. Mike Fury Tech says, why is nobody mentioning the removal of the heart rate sensor? Headphone jack aside, that is a major loss. If you use Samsung Health, you now need to get a Galaxy watch also. So paying more to get less features than exist in the Note 9. I don't get why all of the reviewers are leaving this out? Is it because of free Samsung devices? I don't know why that's not getting coverage. That's why I highlighted your comments. Mike EL said, still rocking my Note 5. I may need to make that upgrade. David Gorash said, What do you mean you don't know if you can search the notes on older models. My Note 9 can do it and always could. I was messing with my Note 8 this morning, you guys are totally right the search function in the notes app works. I have no idea how I didn't know that. You guys are the best, thanks to everyone for writing in. If you've enjoyed your stay in Alphabet City, please like and subscribe. I'm Iyaz Akhtar and I'll see you Online. [MUSIC]