The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL phone are finally here in the flesh from Google. First, there's no headphone jack. It's a drag, but you'll have to listen to music through wireless headphones, or carry a dongle to plug into your headphones. They also have squeezable edges, similar to the HTC U 11. Just give it a quick squeeze and Google's digital voice enabled assistant launches. And the phone is waterproof now too. So you can rest easy if it ever falls into the pool or ocean. Unlike most current flagships, the Pixel 2 doesn't have dual cameras on the back. But Google insists that its single lens camera is still the best around. Its portrait mode feature uses a combo of algorithm training and a special image sensor. Google also added Optical Image Stabilization for steadier photos and video recording. And there's a fun Motion Photo feature that animates your pictures. Inside the Photos app, there's also Google Lens, which Google introduced earlier in May. Lens work similar to Samsung's Bixby and lets you take photos and get immediate info about objects. If you wanted to know more about a painting for instance, Just take a picture and Lens will call up info about it. It works on art, landmarks, and books. In general, the new Pixel 2 and 2 XL looks tidier and cleaner than last year's. There are fewer lines and visible bands going around the phone and the glass shade on the back runs right up to the phone's edges. There's a camera bump now, and a top bezel and bottom chin on the Pixel 2 are especially thick. The main difference between the phones size and screen related and neither of them are more advanced than the other. The pixel too is smaller with a five inch 1080p display, while the pixel to Xcel has a six inch 1440p display. It also has a higher pixel density and a bigger battery to accommodate the larger screen. The pixel 2 starts at $650 while the 2 xl starts at $850. In the US and in the UK you can preorder the phones starting today and preorders in Australia begins October 20th.