[MUSIC] I'm Kent Sherman, senior editor here at cnet.com. I'm Donald Bell. And we're here with our very first look at the Apple iPhone. It does have a touchscreen. It's pretty unique on a cellphone and there are absolutely no buttons except one right down here that takes you back to the home menu. Heard a lot about this virtual keyboard that pops right up. The only thing that I was concern about though is that I would really like the keyboard to be displayed horizontally like this. Let's look at the photos. So it's like that picture of Donald. See there he is. And there's his nice zoom in. And put your fingers together and you can see the picture gets close. But of course, this is the iPhone. It's all that music and video on a lot of ways, go over to Donald. All right, you can find your music, you can turn it into landscape mode here. you can flip through your music. You can cover flow. Find an album you wanna play, double click on it, find the track you wanna play, click on that and it's already playing. It's a great device. I just wish it was a stand alone iPod. What's wrong with a phone? The phone is great but sometimes you just wanna be alone with your music. It's a phone. Phones are good. And that's your very first look at the Apple iPhone.