Speaker 1: So the foldable screen gives you the experience of large display, but still you can control it within a single handed grip once, uh, folded. It is perfectly under your control within just your grip. It has been a long missed feeling. I can show you a one. Grace. If you use it after your use, fold it gracefully [00:00:30] inserted into your pocket. Have you got it before? No way you can tell that this size is so comfortable. Once a folded it's like small screen form, nicely fitting into your grip. Once unfolded is a large screen still within your single hand grip, that is in a long missing feeling. So this is a major innovation of form factor. Let's start [00:01:00] with that. Plus, what is tricky about it In the Android system? Things are designed for the traditional bar types where the vertical screen, once you unfold it, the simplest way is to make it a long thing, form factor. Once you unfold, once you folded, it'll be as narrow as a remote [00:01:30] control. You know, you folded by half, it'll be a narrow remoter to make the front size, the size of a normal foam. The it'll be as heavy and bulky as a brick. Speaker 1: So that is a big dilemma to achieve affordability. So what is the optimal size that is vital once [00:02:00] folded or unfolded? The phone must be easy to handle and use. We haven't done a lot. We have did a lot of refinement and models. There are two basic principles for us to develop this product first. So it must be handy to use folded or unfolded. You know, you divide this, of course you want to ex experience in the large screen, which is funny is that we did ask a [00:02:30] lot of users of foldable screens indeed. In our mass survey. What surprised us is that 90% of the users time was when the phone is it. So that is ironic. You buy affordable phone, but most of the time you use it when you fold the phone, is it just to show off? So it must be usable, folded or unfolded. [00:03:00] So that is a basic requirement for this product. Second, it must be looking, you know, brick or remote. Aren't pretty to look and not what we would like to offer in op beauty comes first. It must also deliver good hand, feel. Those who know me know that I'm so picky about hand feel there's [00:03:30] a punchline. So you may wonder whether I will repeat it. I will say it gently. It feels so good in hand. Over the years, we keep trying to achieve the dilemma. Speaker 1: Then we resolved it by this golden ratio of voting. We called it a golden ratio because of the following reasons. Once of folded, [00:04:00] it is a phone of 5.49 inch display. You know, the same size at the iPhone is ratio is 18 to nine, just a normal ratio. When you need to just, uh, quickly reply a WeChat message, you can do it easily without any difficulty with the O screen. Once unfolded, the large display will be also comfortable in your grip. [00:04:30] And you know, folded were unfolded. The hand feel will be both good. Also, thanks to the little curve, the, uh, with the is a 73 imeter. So the grip is so comfortable and the screen size is 7.1 inch. It feels like a book. Speaker 1: When you open a screen, what is the thing that [00:05:00] will come into your mind? Intuitively a book, right? That is the best possible experience later. I will elaborate why the horizontal display will be able to convey a lot. The science is 7.1 inch it by the number. It's not that different from a flagship model of 6.7 inch, but the viewable area [00:05:30] is up by 60% by numbers. It is also awesome, but I don't want to, you know, discuss too many numbers here. You can see, you know, it is, uh, one to 120 Herz adaptive refresh rate E five material, 7.1 inch and 1000 lit brightness at peak Alina famous blogger on Juhu told me that this is the best, a large screen foldable, not good [00:06:00] enough for video editing. And the color is also so accurate. This is from the nine on ju he told the truth. You can also give it a try. I assess that the size is 7.1 inch. Speaker 1: It offers a 60% [00:06:30] larger visual area than a standard. A 6.5 inch display. It is like a square because of the bigger widths. The visual area is vast as business professionals. We often check our calendar on outlook in a traditional phone. It is not very comfortable to check your calendar. You have to actually scroll back and forth up and down, but now on [00:07:00] fine end, you can easily check your calendar at a glance. When you read spreadsheet or finance or sales, the look is totally different because of this screen. Let me recall within your one nine script, Speaker 1: If you trade stocks, look at these curves, totally different feeling, but it seems that the market is [00:07:30] not very bullish. So be cautious when you advance. I always tell my team, just show me the curve. That is so different. When you feel about it under COVID. We often attend virtual meetings at virtual meetings. It is a feeling I will never part part with when you watch the P P T what is the feeling? Now, [00:08:00] if you, um, make it this way, the PPP will be blocked by the medial window and the image will keep change, keep changing. So that is the merit of the large display still within your one hand.