Speaker 1: The one busted. Leadman is the company's first true flagship of 2023 and there's a lot to be excited about. So let's take a closer look Speaker 1: From its slick refreshed design to its hyper powerful processor and its fast charging skills. This phone does a lot to earn its flagship title [00:00:30] mix in its long-lasting software, its 5G connectivity and its more affordable price and this phone suddenly becomes a real contender for your money. So let me dive in and tell you what I like about the one plus 11 20 23 has brought a fresh look for one plus with the square unit of the one plus 10 Pro swapped out for this lovely circular one here, fringed with metal curves gracefully to meet the edge of the phone. My review model's green color [00:01:00] manages to look both stylish and quite smart while the curving glass on both the front and back makes it very satisfying to hold. I really like the look of this thing. I think it's actually one of the best looking phones you can get right now. Speaker 1: Managers to feel fresh enough to feel different from its predecessors, yet still feel part of the same family. It has an I P 64 rating for water protection, which is a step below the I P 68 rating found on many of its rivals. [00:01:30] Long story short, it's probably safe from some spill drinks, but probably best not to take it swimming at 6.7 inches. It's display is big enough to do just this to those vibrant mobile games while it's 32 16 by 1440, pixel resolution is nice and sharp. It's a super ammo LED panel that supports both Dolby Vision HDR and HDR 10 plus, meaning that it's bright and it's bold and it's vibrant and it can actually properly display compatible HDR contents. It's adaptive [00:02:00] frame rate can shoot up to 120 hertz to provide a smooth experience for high intensity tasks like gaming, or it can drop all the way down to one hertz for much more basic tasks like web browsing or just showing the always on display, there's an in-screen fingerprint scanner, which works well and longtime one plus fans will be pleased to see the alert slider on the side of the phone, which lets you very quickly set it to silent or mute or vibrate a slider that was notably absent [00:02:30] from the one plus 10 T powering The phone is a mighty Qualcomm Snapdragon eight gen two processor backed up by 16 gigabytes of RAM on my review model. Speaker 1: It's a powerhouse of a chip that makes this phone amongst some of the most powerful we've ever tested. Rest assured then that this phone will handle anything that you can throw it in. It's particularly good with gaming with demanding titles like Asphalt Nine Legends and Genson impact both at maximum resolution playing [00:03:00] with very, very smooth frame rates in everyday use. It feels incredibly swift just to swipe around the Android interface, it's free of any kind of lag or weird stuttering that might tell of poorly configured software. Basically there is very little that you can do to slow this thing down and that Swift experience is helped by the phone's. Oxygen OS 13 software based on Android 13 Oxygen OS is a clean and easy to use interface. I like [00:03:30] the software straight outta the box, but you can customize it a little bit to your own tastes with different font and changing up the always on display. But OnePlus also extended its support giving this phone four years of Android updates and an additional fifth year of security updates. That is the longest that OnePlus has ever supported a phone for and it means that this phone will still be safe to use five years from now and that's great because it's so often the case that phone hardware is still perfectly usable. But [00:04:00] if the software isn't supported with security updates, then it isn't safe to use. Speaker 1: There are three main cameras on the back of the one plus 11. There's a 50 megapixel main camera, a 48 megapixel ultra wide, and a 32 megapixel portrait camera with a two times optical zoom. It's a fairly predictable triple camera setup, but I'll be honest, that portrait camera with its two times Zoom does disappoint me at two times. That [00:04:30] Zoom is a step down from the 3.3 times Zoom we had on the one plus 10 Pro, and it's a huge step down from the five times optical zoom. You can get on the Pixel seven Pro. Now Zoom skills might not seem like the most important feature of a phone, but for photographers among you wanting to take great shots in any environment, a good zoom can be an invaluable tool. I absolutely love using the Zoom lens on the Pixel seven pro and so not having a good Zoom on this phone does somewhat feel [00:05:00] like I'm missing out on photography opportunities. Speaker 1: So I feel like the one plus 11 is making me make compromises that I don't have to make with other phones. Wbu has again partnered with iconic camera maker bld who has apparently calibrated the camera for better colors. However, I'm not really sure it's doing either company much good because images can be quite hit and miss. While I have taken plenty of images with the one plus 11 that I really think look absolutely gorgeous, others [00:05:30] don't impress quite so much. It can have a heavy hand with its HDR processing, lifting shadows and toning down skies to a sometimes unrealistic degree. Don't get me wrong, it is certainly a good camera. It's night mode photos in particular have really impressed if photography isn't your main concern when you're buying a new phone. And what you really just want is some really nice vibrant, punchy shots of your friends having fun on a holiday and the one plus will suit you well. But if you're looking for a more well-rounded [00:06:00] photography experience, then I do suggest you look more towards the Pixel seven pro. It'll shoot video at up to eight K resolution, but 4K will be adequate for most and it uses live HDR to keep your skies and shadows under control. Colors look good in video and there is optical image stabilization works well for smoothing out those shaky hand movements, but I do sometimes find that vertical items such as trees or buildings can sometimes look a little bit wobbly as the lens [00:06:30] fights to keep things stable. Speaker 1: Powering all of this is a 5,000 milli power battery, which should be more than enough to get you through a full date of use as long as you are fairly careful in what you do. Hammering it with demanding gaming and video streaming with all of our settings ramped up to the max will quickly take its toll on your battery life. However, you can reduce both the screen resolution and the refresh rate, [00:07:00] both of which I found made a huge difference to getting more out of the battery. With more conservative settings, you shouldn't need to worry at all about your phone dropping dead halfway through the afternoon, but if you do find yourself running low on juice, it's very quick to put more power back in the phone. Supports a hundred watt fast charging here in the uk, which will take it from empty to full in only 25 minutes or 27 minutes on the 80 watt version sold in the us and that is a lot quicker than the one to [00:07:30] two hours you can expect the Pixel seven Pro to take to fully recharge. Speaker 1: So is the one plus 11 actually a phone you should consider buying? Well, if you're looking for a high performance phone to tackle gaming, to tackle video streaming and all of your life's essentials, then it's definitely an excellent phone to consider. It's got enough power to tackle anything in the Google Play Store. It looks great. And now fast charging battery means you never need to be running out of [00:08:00] juice, and that five years of security support is a really nice bonus. And while that camera system is far from the best around, it's certainly good enough to take some great shots of your friends and family that you'll want to put on social media. The superb Google Pixel seven Pro is its main rival offering a better camera system and a pure Android 13 experience. But it's the price that really stands out as the one plus 11 is one of the cheapest flagship phones you can buy. It undercuts both the Pixel seven Pro [00:08:30] and the new Samsung Galaxy S 23. So if you're keen for the latest flagship phone and you value straight line process of performance over camera skills, then the one plus 11 is certainly a great phone to consider. So what do you think of the one plus 11? Is it the phone for you or have you got your site set elsewhere? Do make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below and you'll find a lot more information in the video description.