[MUSIC] Polaroid is making a comeback. Well, sort of. Polaroid is using new technology to make its most popular product of all time seem fresh again, hoping that the nostalgic in all of us will take the bait. The company has been trying to make instant prints cool again ever since the launch of the zip printer, which connects to your phone and uses thermal technology to wirelessly print a photo from your camera roll in seconds, no ink needed. The problem was, you needed to have the printer in your purse or pocket to have it print. Its two new cameras used this same technology, except no phone needed, it's all in one, much like the original. The newest, is the Polaroid Pop, a boxy digital camera with an LED viewfinder screen that prints photos in the old-fashioned 3x4 dimension. Except in this case, it's special zinc paper, which is thinner than the old Polaroid print paper. And the camera itself is significantly higher quality as well with a 20 megapixel sensor with full HD video, micro SD card slot, and usb port for charging. The snap touch is Polaroid's other throwback product which is more of an evolution of the snap that we saw last year. It looks more like a regular digital camera on the outside now with With a touch screen display that prints images in 2 x 3 sticky ink paper, that you can attach anywhere. The sensor is 13 megapixels with video in up to 1080p, and a tiny selfie mirror next to the flash. Both cameras allow you to customize your photo post production, and add fun stickers, filters, and borders before you print. Or you could also pair it with your phone to print directly from your camera roll. The Snap Touch is already available for purchase for $180 And you can expect the Pop to launch before the holiday shopping season this year in Q3 for about $199. [BLANK_AUDIO]