Here it is the Nintendo switch, it's the company's first new console in almost four and a half years and it's a hybrid console which means this thing right here is pretty much the entire thing. It can be docks, you can use it with your television or you can take it with you where ever you go It works really well. The docking and undocking takes just seconds. [MUSIC] So I've using this Switch on my commute everyday and it's awesome to be able to bring a huge game like Zelda Breath Of The Wild with me wherever I go. And because it boots up so quick you never really waiting around for loading time Now you're definitely going to need a case. If you're plan on bringing it around. So a Nintendo Semi their official one that goes for $20. But there will be plenty more at launch from their party manufacturers. So on a single charge it's gonna give you roughly two and half hours. And I've been getting about three with Zelda. For different games are probably gonna give you different battery life. So overall, the switch feels great. The screen is really nice, it's arguably the best build quality that's ever come out of Nintendo. Even the operating system is really clean, quick, and smartly laid out. Switch lets you play in a number of different ways. You can remove these Joy-Con controllers from the tablet and use them in the included grip Or just go commando in either hand. They need power too but they last a while and charge when they're docked with the tablet. My biggest hangup with these Joy-Con controllers is that they're really small. Now, I've got big hands. They felt a little cramped when they're on the grip. Sometimes I wound up hitting buttons that I didn't really mean to. Thankfully there is this. This is the Pro Switch Controller. It's the best way to play Zelda but it's 70 damn dollars. You could also use the switch as a tabletop monitor by propping it on by it's kickstand. Now the kickstand is not the best and if you bump into the table it's resting on, it might fall over. It's really only gonna work on a hard, flat surface. But more importantly, it's gonna be tough playing a game further than like two feet away. Maybe other games will fare better, but you can't really read anything when you're that far away from the screen. It's tough imagining a few people comfortably crowding around this thing the way Nintendo has been pitching it. Also you can't charge it while it's standing up, you're gonna have to hold it in your hands. [MUSIC] So while we're getting what's likely the best Nintendo launch game ever, we're also getting a fairly bare bones launch. We're recording this a few days before Switch comes out and right now there is no online features or virtual consoles to download latest in titles. We also don't know much about how the Switch's online servers is gonna work, but a preview for it is gonna hit later on in MArch. And then there's the fact that well, there aren't really any compelling games available at launch, but it is great to hear that Nintendo is working with independent developers, and that they'll be up to 60 indie games for Switch by the end of the year. I mean let's be honest, Zelda is the highlight here, right? Thankfully though, it's amazing But is it worth getting a Switch just to play it? I'm not sure. I mean, you're talking $360 to play the new Zelda game. Actually, make that $470 if you wanna use the best controller for it. Now there's a lot we still don't know about Switch. I like this console a lot because it delivers on a hybrid peak. There is a lot of potential here too I can't wait to play games like Super Mario Odyssey. But because there is still so much that isn't here the games, the online, the apps, the virtual console, it's entirely reasonable to hold off from the purchase.