[MUSIC] Then versus now. The original Nokia 3310 was just one of many feature phones when it launched in 2000. And 17 years later, not a whole lot has changed. Let's check it out. The 2017 model gets a major refresh. I mean, it looks like something out of Jetsons. In the past, this is what have you imagined a futuristic phones will look like. Especially when you check out those bubbly lines on the new one and those yellow and orange shades. And take a look at that profile. The old thirty-three ten is an absolute chunker. The new one's screen is small. I mean, it's only two point three inches, but my gosh, it's old thirty-three ten screen tiny. I mean, it's basically a thumbnail. a black and white phone now. In 2017 the world is finally in Technicolor. Now, let's talk about that camera. Because the old 3310 doesn't have one. Okay, so the new one is only 2.4 megapixels, but hey, it has a flash that also doubles as a flashlight. Pretty fancy stuff! Plus one also for the Micro Sd Card the upper browser, photo texting capability, snap your button and 22 hours of talk time, that is versus about 4 and a half hour on an old 3310. There are few new games to play like Asphalt 6, but don't worry a new 3310 still keeps a tried and true original pre-load. Snake. Yep, compared to the old 3310, the refresh is practically a Rolls Royce. The only thing it really lacks, that indestructible build.