This new iPad Pro, we have an LCD that stretches from edge-to-edge and top to bottom. Now we achieve this design by rounding the corners of the display. Using the same pixel masking and anti-aliasing technology that we introduced in the iPhone 10R. Just like in the 10R, we call it a Liquid Retina Display. Now the narrow border design gave us an opportunity to take a fresh look at our iPad Pro sizes. The original 10.5 inch iPad Pro is an amazing device. It offers plenty of area to get your work done in an enclosure that's large enough to support a full-size keyboard but is still just one pound and super portable. It really has been the ideal option for most of our iPad Pro customers. So we decided to maintain that perfect footprint but give you an even bigger display. This is the same take anywhere size you loved in the 10.5 inch design but now with an 11 inch display. [APPLAUSE] And it has a quarter more million pixels But of course for our customers who want an even larger canvas, we also offer the 12.9 inch display. All that real estate makes multi tasking and working with Apple Pencil an incredible experience. With this new iPad Pro we're able to offer that same large screen experience in a much more portable package. This is the new 12.9 inch iPad Pro. [APPLAUSE] It's not just smaller, it's also thinner. These new iPad Pros are just 5.9 mm thin. You really have to hold one to understand it, and we think that when people do, many more folks will move up to the larger size. It really is the ultimate iPad. And that's especially true because it now has face ID. [APPLAUSE] Face ID is enabled by the true depth camera which is tucked away into this then vessel. It uses depth technology to deliver greater security and accuracy than any 2D face scanner. Now as support for face ID you might have noticed that there is no longer a home button. Well, now Home button means that all those familiar gestures from the iPhone X now come to the iPad. So for instance, you can swipe down from the upper right-hand corner to get to Control Center. You access the Dock by swiping up from the bottom. If you continue swiping up and pause, you get to the App Switcher. And you can even swipe along the bottom edge to quickly switch between your most recently used apps. You can work with two apps at once using Split View. You just drag an app up from the dock to the side, and then you can easily drag and drop between them. And all of that is possible because of what we put under the hood. Cuz these new iPad Pros are powered by the all new A12X Bionic, and this thing is a monster. [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] Just like the A12 and our latest phones, it's built on our latest 7 nanometre technology. No other tablet, laptop or even desktop has been able to make this leap forward. And it offers a huge [UNKNOWN] in performance and energy efficiency. The A 12 X features and 8 core CPU. With four performance cores and four performance high efficiency cores. With our latest generation performance controller, multi treaded workloads can now leverage all eight of those cores simultaneously. These i-pads pros are faster than 92 percent of of all the portable PC's sold in the last twelve months Including the most popular core i7 models from the top manufacturers. These two iPad Pros aren't just faster than your last computer. They're also smarter and more capable, so apps can do some amazing things like Photos, which uses machine learning to classify and organize your photos so you can always find what you're looking for, and it also stitches together all those photos and videos To create those amazing memories. But, other apps can take advantage of this as well. My pixel meter photo chooses a node network derived from over 20 million image pairs to determine how to intelligently enhance your photos, just like a pro photographer would. There's simply nothing like this in other traditional PC chip sets. And this year, we have a new fast storage controller on the A12X that enables up to 1 TB in storage capacity. [APPLAUSE] One of the most important and game-changing accessories for the iPad Pro has been the Apple Pencil. And with these new iPad Pros, the second-generation Pencil has been completely redesigned. The new Apple Pencil attaches magnetically to the iPad Pro. It automatically pairs and starts charging wirelessly. [APPLAUSE] And because it's always charging, it's always ready to go the moment you need it Tapping the screen with the Apple Pencil will wake the iPad Pro and launch instantly into the Notes app. And this year there's a whole new way of interacting with the Apple Pencil, just tap twice on it to switch modes. In Notes you can switch between your current tool, and the eraser. And in other apps this behavior will be customizable which puts even more control into our user's hands. Also this year we have a new smart keyboard folio that continues to deliver great typing experience and a thin and light design with no pairing, charging or batteries required and it's even simpler to use. It magnetically attaches to the iPad Pro and it protects both the front and the back. It has a screen angle that is great in your lap. And another, it's great at your desk. But not only is iPad amazing for all the things you do today, but also the perfect tool for creating totally new experiences, like augmented reality. With its large display and a thin and light design, iPad is the best device ever created for AR. [APPLAUSE] And we've optimized these iPad Pros to make AR even better. We've callibrated the cameras and sensors and all of these components in A12X to deliver realistic graphics, realtime lighting and object tracking, and incredible texturing and reflection. And with Air Kit 2, we give apps enhanced surface detection and persistent experiences. And all this comes together to completely transform how you can interact with the world around you. These new iPad Pros are packed with our most advanced technology. There's the new all-screen design with liquid retina display, Advanced Face ID, the A12X bionic chip delivering incredible pro-level performance. Four speaker audio, and this time with woofer and tweeter pairs in each corner. They sound amazing and they offer wide stereo output. Gigabit-class LTE and eSim technology in our cellular models For great connectivity wherever you go. And so many more features that make this our very best iPad.