OMG, the developer preview of Android O has landed. Let's take a look at what's new. Android O will let you change shortcuts on the lock screen to pretty much whatever you want. By default, the options are voice search and the camera just like in Nougat. Change them on O using the System UI Tuner, like adding the selfie camera on the left And messages on the right. [MUSIC] You can also choose whether to unlock the phone when you swipe on a shortcut. [MUSIC] Dismiss a notification, temporarily, by swiping gently Tap the clock icon and then choose to get rid of the notification for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour. You can also customize notifications using the Settings cog. Plus group them together when that feature rolls out. The Settings app on O looks pretty different compared to Nougat. Everything is grouped into bigger top level categories So there's less scrolling required. [MUSIC] Swiping down on the notification shade looks a bit different. You'll now see the Wi-fi, and mobile data icons, up top, rather than just as toggles. [MUSIC] You can't see a lot of the new features, like, battery saving, because they're running behind this The scenes. But if you keep a lot of apps opened in the background, Android O is designed to reduce the load on your battery. Really cool features like native picture-in-picture aren't up and running just yet but there'll be plenty more to come in future versions. [MUSIC]