The star jet seems to be the hot new thing. There's a new Atari game console called the Atari box. This retro inspired machine has a ribbed design and it comes in black and red. And there will also be a wood design, in tribute to the look of the original Atari from 1977. But there are many questions surrounding this machine. The original Atari company went bankrupt in 2013 but now another company has the Atari name. And in an email tease to fans, it announced that this new machine will play classic Atari games, but also modern games. So what does that mean? Is it gonna play Android games? PC games? Or will there be new games designed special for this machine? We don't know but it has modern internal specs with four USB ports, an HDMI port, an SD card slot, and even an ethernet port. So, it can download content. Also, with all that tech packed inside, this may not be a cheap retro gift. We have no idea how much it will cost. Atari is not revealing any other details. Nothing on specs, games, not even the timing of its release. And will it even have a joystick? But this is not even the only Atari throwback console out now. A company called AtGames made the Atari Flashback 8 Gold. It's a simple retro console With 120 games inside and that comes out in September. There's no price announced but the bundle includes two wireless controllers and outputs in 720 phd. I'm Bridget Carey. For more details on this and the other classic systems making a comeback, including the SNES classic mini and Sega Genesis Flashback, you can head to