Net neutrality in the US is safe for now. The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit says the FCC's categorization of broadband as utility is A okay. Back in February 2015, the Federal Communications Commission classified broadband as a public utility. With that classification, the FCC would be able to create rules that would prohibit internet service providers from charging different rates for different bits. Meaning, any data, passing through an internet service provider Must be treated the same as any other data. This is essentially the definition of net neutrality. Of course, harmony ensued after. That is, telecoms and cable operators harmoniously banded together to sue the US government. They claimed the FCC had overreached its authority. Well the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit did not agree with the telecoms. Broadband will continue to be regulated as a utility because the SEC did have the authority to classify it as such. And for us normal human beings, at least in the U.S. it means we will not have to pay for any internet fast lanes for now. I'm [UNKNOWN]. You can keep up with the hottest tech news at [MUSIC]