[MUSIC] Nanoleaf is saying let there be light at CES 2018 specifically color changing led light panels that you put up all over your walls. And these are the second wall panels that Nanoleaf has done. They've done triangular or royal light panels. Panels are just called Nanoleaf Light Panels now. These are the new kind of second gen versions. They add in touch controls, you can touch the panels and see a ripple effect across them, or adjust the brightness or turn them on and off. You can also integrate them with Alexa, Siri and the Google Assistant just like you could before, and you can control up to 1000 panels on single base station. Before it was just 30, that's a big improvement. The idea is to scale this all over people's walls, all over night club walls, all sorts of imaginable setups, They sync to music they can do things with IFTTT, they can do all sorts of smart home integrations, with sunrise and sunset effects. [INAUDIBLE] stressing that these new square panels are very much in the early stages. They're still prototypes. Still working out the kinks figuring out exactly how the final product's going to look. They're not going to have these crosses you can kind of see on each panel. They're still finalizing the design and figuring out how to Defuse the light evenly across the panel so it might look a little different at launch later this year. Also new at CES we've got the Nanoleaf remote now this is gonna be a $50 remote control for the Nanoleaf panels that you can get this spring. You just rotate the side of the this 12 sided dodecahedron shaped remote to the top and whatever preset you've assigned to that side will come alive on the panels that you've got Installed. Interesting thing here is that it's also an Apple homekit gadget. We'll be keeping an eye out on Nanoleaf as the year goes on. And once the panels are finalized and available. We'll get them up on the CNet smart home and test it out for you. So, stay tuned. [MUSIC]